Who Done It & Why!?!

In this week’s installment of Who Done It & Why!?! we’ll focus on the church, we’ll call it “The Church Edition” Take a gander at the picture above, see anything wrong? Well I do! Now, I know your supposed to pay your tithes, but really saints!?! Is this of God? 

This is why many people have strayed from the church, but don’t let me get off into that discussion, I may offend. Anyway if your searching the net and see something that makes you say, “Who Done It & Why!?!” send it over to me so we can all ask that question.
Whut say you?

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The World According To Plies


We can always count Plies to give us his honest, unadulterated, and comical opinion on the the happenings of the world! Today is no different. Check out the latest installment below:

Nigga I'm Done Fuckin With U….. #Plies #DaLastRealNiggaLeft

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It seems he has recovered from the attack of The Georgia River Crickets. 

Do you agree? Whut say you? 

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Throwback Tuesday: Play Around-Lil’ Cease Featuring Lil’ Kim, Joe Hooker, & Mr Bristal


Oh the way we were…

The Throwback Tuesday song is Play Around by Lil’ Cease featuring Lil’ Kim, Joe Hooker, & Mr. Bristal. The song is from Cease’s debut album, The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo,released shortly after B.I.G. was killed.

This album was slept on, it had some great songs. I think it was released too early after B.I.G passed to really have the impact that it could have had. This was also back when Cease and Kim actually got along, back before she went to jail and utlimately slid from the top spot. Listen for Puffy’s subliminal Foxy Brown diss. Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

Tune In Tuesday: Genuine Article-Black Rob

Former Bad Boy, Black Rob, is back with new music. BR’s has been in trouble with the law in recent years, so it’s amazing that he found time to work on new material. I guess he subscribes to that Bend Don’t Break mentality.

 Mr Whoa’s new album is titled, Genuine Article, and has 12 songs. I remember BR being a wordsmith so hopefully this offering is no different. You make that determination:

Now my favorite BR song features The Lox, this was back when Bad Boy Records was running shit back in the 90’s. Take a listen below:

Whut say you? 

Tune In Tuesday: Miss Ester Dean

Chances are you have heard something written by Ester Dean if you listen to current music, but now Ester Dean brings us her own solo EP, titled Miss Ester Dean. The EP has 6 tracks and the cover art is very interesting to say the least. Ester has proven she is an awesome writer, but will that translate to solo success? You be the judge take a listen below:

My favorite Ester Dean song features Chris Brown and incites an instant twerk! Listen below:

Whut say you? 

What In The Entire F*ck News!?!:Woman Raped While Onlookers Watch


What In The Entire Fuck Is Going On!?! Is this what our world is coming to!?!

Via Hellobeautiful:

Two Troy University students, Delonte Martistee, 22 and Ryan Calhoun, 23 have been arrested and charged with sexual battery after allegedly sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman at a Panama City, Florida beach over spring break.Police are claiming that hundreds of people witnessed the assault and that there is cellphone footage proving the claim. Martistee and Calhoun have been charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators and police told AP that “more arrests” are expected to happen. Both Martistee and Calhoun have been
suspended from Troy University.

This is, and excuse my language, FUCKING DISGUSTING!! Is this what are our society has come to!?! We just stand by and watch innocent people be assaulted and do nothing! I hope these idiots are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! FUCKING DIGUSTING!!

Whut say you!?!

[LISTEN] So Many Pros-Snoop Dogg


Uncle Snoop is back with new music! The song  titled, So Many Pros, and it’s produced by Pharrell Williams. The song gives me a Gap Band for 2015 feel. The addition of Uncle Charlie Wilson helps out too. 

I like the song it has a nice feel to it. Pharrell and Snoop really have an awesome chemistry! Beautiful still knocks!

Take a listen below

Whut say you? 

Tune In Tuesday: Crown-The Dream


Y’all know what today is! It’s Tune In Tuesday! The Dream dropped an EP/album today. The EP is has 6 tracks and features an appearance from T.I.

I can always count on Terrius for a tweak tune or something that is hip roll worthy. We are going to see if this release is the same! I enjoyed the first single, That’s My Shit, which features T.I. we will see what the rest of the album is talmabout!

Also check out The Dream’s “Exclusive” Tidal playlist and see what he s listening to.

Will you be copping this new EP? Whut say you? 

Drake Announces “The Jungle Tour” With Future 


PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram @champagnepapi 

Oh Aubrey *side-eye* you always dare to be different first it was the “Would You Like A Tour” Tour, now it’s the “The Jungle Tour” featuring Ciara’s baby daddy Future.  This should be interesting, but I probably won’t pay to see it maybe they’ll give exclusive content on Tidal. 

So… If you’re reading this Drake and Future will be F*cking up some commas in a jungle near you. 

Check out the dates below, I am thinking there are more dates to come:



Whut say you? Will you be going to see Aubrey croon a “light skin” Keith Sweat love song?

Tina Knowles Marries Richard Lawson In All White Ceremony 


Congratulations are in order for Mama Tina Knowles as she married her long time boyfriend, Richard Lawson. You might know him from Dynasty and All My Children. The couple have known each other for 33 years. They were married a luxurious 140 foot yacht named Eternity. The couple was surrounded by family and close friends.

I guess it true what they say, you’re never too old to find love. I am so happy that Mama Tina has found love again. She looks absolutely radiant in her all white. Cheers too an everlasting marriage! 

Beyoncé penned a song last year titled, Ring Off, on the re-release of her critically acclaimed self titled album. 

Get yo life Mama Tina!

Whut say you?