Wait..Wait…Whut!?!:Throwback Song of the Week: You Saw My Blinker-DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Prince of Bel-Air


The Throwback Song of the Week is You Saw My Blinker B*tch by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This was that awkward moment when Will Smith was trying to fit into that whole gangsta rap fad that took over in the early 90′s.

It clearly didn’t work out for him. I am glad he didn’t take this further than this song. I must say this song provided me endless hours of laughter when I first heard it.

Check It Out:

Whut say you?

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Podcasts You Need In Your Life!


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Trust and believe me you need these podcasts in your life, they provide me endless of hours of entertainment. They make the workday go by so fast, and have saved many from getting cussed the entire fuck out!

  1. The ReadJoin bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture’s most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.
  2. Neck Of The Woods: Hosted by Black Twitter’s favorite cousin, blogger Freshalina invites listeners to take a seat on her front porch as she sounds off in her signature southern accent on hip-hop pop culture and beyond. Neck of The Woods is a hilarious weekly wrap-up of everything ranging from ratchet to righteous.
  3. The Brillant Idiots: Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are The Brilliant Idiots. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in a style that’s often idiotic, sometimes brilliant and always hysterical.
  4. The Combat Jack Show: Rated the #1 hip-hop podcast by Complex, The Combat Jack Show features in-depth interviews with icons of hip-hop culture and hilarious conversations about music culture, race and current events. Hosted by legendary hip-hop attorney Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé alongside “Internet Celebrity” Dallas Penn and iconic producer Just Blaze, the show is what Ebony calls “a must-listen show for the internet generation.” Push play to hear riveting talk with rap heavyweights like RZA, Big Boi, DJ Premiere or Fabolous, social commentary from Toure or Elliot Wilson, a random drop in from Artie Lange or even a group therapy session with the show’s admittedly dysfunctional cast. Join the “Fuckyberg Family” to out why Big Boi compared the show to “hanging out at a BBQ with my boys” and Redman called his visit to TCJS “the best interview I’ve done since ’93″.

Check them out when you get a chance, you can listen on iTunes and SoundCloud, these are sure to keep you entertained. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Whut say you?


Beyoncé Refreshes Crazy In Love For Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer



BeyHive Rejoice!

Queen Bey has refreshed Crazy In Love, for the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. The new version sounds raw and very sexual, which falls right in line with the theme of Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic thriller based off the first novel in E. L. James’ romance trilogy, stars Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, and Rita Ora, who plays Christian Grey’s sister.

The movie is scheduled to open Valentine’s Day 2015. I didn’t really get into the whole Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy, I may pick up the trilogy and see what all the fuss is about before the movie hit theaters in 2015.

Check out the trailer:

Whut say you?

Album Review: Paula-Robin Thicke


So…Robin Thicke released his seventh studio album titled Paula, named after his estranged wife Paula Patton. Robin has a lot to prove with this new album what with the smash success of Blurred Lines and also naming the album after his wife. When an artists names an album after person, they clearly hope that it does well, especially if it’s your estranged wife whom you’re trying to get back. An estranged wife that you shamed publicly and have been trying to get back with this pathetic ass apology tour. But if he likes it I love it! Judging from the sales figures for this album it translates to a flop where album sales are concerned. The good thing for Robin is that I don’t really focus too much on album sales to determine if I like an album or not. I actually listen to lyrical content and musicality of an album.

Paula is a soulful album and there is no doubt that Robin Thicke is a phenomenal artist, but the album is all over the place. The album sounds like he rushed into the studio to put out something in an effort to fulfill contractual obligations. The release of this album was honestly too soon after his last album. To me the album sounds like a Broadway musical think Dreamgirls.  The album had a few songs I enjoyed. Get Her Back, is probably my favorite song off the album, it is vintage Robin Thicke. Still Madly Crazy,is another song that I liked because it went along with the theme of the album or at least it felt that way. Forever Love is another track that goes along with the theme of the album. Pass those three songs I really wasn’t impressed with the album. It sounds rushed and sounds like Robin just ran into the studio and haphazardly  put something together.

If anyone has seen “Lost Without You” Robin Thicke please tell him to come back to us, we miss him. Also tell him to stop all this damn begging out here in these streets, it’s clearly not working! I do hope that Paula and Robin can at least be friends and co-parent their young son. The album isn’t unbearable, but it’s not one I could listen to in its entirety. I found myself skipping tracks more so than listening.  As I say at the end of all my reviews form your own opinion where music is concerned and in general.

Final Rating 1.5/5

Whut say you?


Album Review: Trigga-Trey Songz



Tremaine released his 6th studio album a few weeks ago, I know your saying 6th album? I said the same thing it doesn’t seem like he has been out that long. The deluxe album features 17 tracks, with 4 of those being bonus tracks. With this album Trey doesn’t stray too far from his normal formula, which is good and bad. Good in that he stays true to his core fan base, bad in that he doesn’t really step outside of his comfort zone. That is not to say he should go so far outside of his lane that he loses his core fans, but a little exploration would show growth as an artist, but hey who I am I?

Tremaine doesn’t stray from his normal subject matter, which includes sex and women, which appeals directly to Treyz Angels. The Angels go up for Trey Songz. This album is not one that I can listen to without skipping tracks, but the album does have some tracks that I really like. The opening track, Cake, is a slow and catchy song that I found myself singing after listening to it. Disrespectful featuring Mila J is another favorite  song off the album, I like that back and forth between Trey and Mila J, the two of them gel well on the song. All We Do, is another favorite of mine. It’s not vocally spectacular, but I don’t expect jaw dropping vocals from Trey Songz he stays in his lane. My most favorite song off the album is What’s Best For You, which is actually a bonus track. This song brings me back to Passion, Pain & Pleasure era Trey, which happens to be one of my favorite Trey Songz albums. The other bonus tracks on the album sound like they should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Trey Songz has yet to make his “Thriller” or “Confessions” album. In order for him to make that career defining album he is going to have to figure out how to stretch himself creatively without leaving behind his core audience. He needs to craft an album that forces his audience to grow with him and not be completely turned off by his growth. This is daunting for many artists to, but Trey has been in the game long enough to make this work out in his favor with the right writers and producers. Until then we will have to be content with this Tremaine. Trigga is not a terrible album, but it is not a masterpiece either. The album has moments. It is definitely worth a listen, but not an album I could listen to without skipping tracks. As I always say form your own opinion where music is concerned and in general.

Honorable Mention: Dead Wrong

Final Rating: 2.5/5

Whut say you?




New Music: What The F@#K You Gon Do? WTFYGD-Tameka Tiny Harris


I guess all this Floyd Mayweather and divorce drama has inspired former Xscape member Tameka Tiny Harris to put out some new music. The song is titled What The F@#K You Gon Do? WTFYGD and it’s sounds like it speaks directly to the drama surrounding T.I and Tiny. Not sure if TIP approved of this. The song was released on Tiny’s own Pink Hustle Record label.

People like to forget that Tiny is an accomplished singer/songwriter before her and TIP got together, and she was actually making more money than T.I. at one point in time. Also let’s not forget she did co-write TLC’s No Scrubs and you already know that means she gets publishing checks to this day! I like this new liberated Tiny she always seems so stifled or on a leash where TIP is concerned. I honestly want the ladies of Xscape to work that shit out and give us an album. If SMV and Salt N Pepa can work it out the surely y’all can! I kind of like the song, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of Kandi’s failed attempts at solo success.

Check It Out:

Whut say you?

New Movie: Dear White People


I can’t wait to see this movie!

Dear White People is a satire that follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular ‘African American’ themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film explores racial identity in ‘post-racial’ America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world.

The movie is written and directed by Justin Simien. The movie won several awards at the Sundance Movie Festival and is highly anticipated.

Check out the trailer below:

Movie hits theaters October 17.

Whut say you?

NeNe Leakes Doesn’t See It For Wendy Williams


Welp! It looks like shots have been fired at Wendy Williams by NeNe Leakes. Apparently NeNe feels some type of way about Wendy Williams brand of Hot Topics. She had the following to say on her website:

“Wendy I am sure people think that I’ve done something to you, maybe we had a beef or I slept with your man but none of that is true! I’ve actually only been nice to you! I gave you a beautiful black $3,200 Celine Phantom Bag to celebrate your 500th show but you haven’t spoken of that! But what you have chosen to do is constantly speak negative of me and lie on me! What you need to do is stop spewing hate! When it comes to gossip you are the lowest of the low! I know you hate because I turned down the chance to come on your Talk Show and I am sure you’re scared I will take your place (I know you have heard! Ummhmm wink wink) BE SCARED! I have a clothing line on HSN coming out in a few days and I know it must be hard for a black woman to support another black woman but you should try it sometime. PS: My Birkin is being turned into a work of art to raise money for a worthy charity something you fail to mention on your show! I don’t have one Birkin I have five now run tell that WIG.”

Them is fighting words! Is NeNe hinting that a new talk show is in the works? I am HERE for that I think she would add to daytime television!

Whut say you?