[LISTEN] New Music: Love’em All-K. Michelle


Love & Hip Hop’s Resident hood mouse(I affectionately call her that)K. Michelle has new music available on iTunes. The song is titled Love’em All , it’s a slow song on which K sings about breaking hearts and moving onto the next man. Sounds like what men may I have done to her, and she is seeking retribution.

As I have said before I enjoy Kimberly the most when she is singing. All the ratchet “I’m from Memphis” BS wears me out, just sing! K, is a talent, but the challenge is whether or not she can get out from under her hood mouse persona. I like this new song it fits her voice, and is somewhat of a different sound than what I am used to hearing from K.

Whut say you?

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Tune In Tuesday: X-Chris Brown


Today is the day!

Christopher Maurice Brown’s highly anticipated new album, X, drops today. It features 21 and guest appearances from Trey Songz and R. Kelly to name few. I am currently listening and will post a review today!

Go support Breezy, he is trying to turn his life around and get to the music and the money!

Whut say you?

[WATCH] Beyoncé Performs ***Flawless With Nicki Minaj In Paris


I normally don’t watch footage from Beyoncé’s concert because I like to be surprised when I watch, but I couldn’t resist watching and posting the Queen Bey and Nicki performing
***Flawless in Paris for the On The Run HBO Concert that air on September 20. I will have snacks and drinks for this event!

Check It Out:

Whut say you?

Disclaimer: Slander of the Carters will not be tolerated, take it to another blog.

[LISTEN] Ready-Jagged Edge


So you telling me Jagged Edge came to play!

After hitting us with their first single, Hope, from their upcoming album J.E. Heartbreak 2(Y’all already know how I feel about Part II of classic albums), the R&B quartet is back with, Ready. I must say that absolutely love this song! It’s vintage J.E. The guys are “Ready” to settle down, and it shows with this song!

The new album is due October 27th, and I can’t wait to hear what is store for us with this offering. Check it out below:

Whut say you?



[LISTEN]Hot Ni**a(Remix)-Remy Ma



GOTDAMMIT Reminisce!

Remy didn’t miss a beat while she was in jail, it’s like she was never gone. Rem has been GETTING TO THE MONEY since she touched down. Welp! folks Remy has hopped on Bobby Shmurda’s Hot Ni**a, and when I tell y’all she murdered this track! I f*cks with Remy! with line like:

“I’on mess wit fake b*tches, kick them wh*res out!”

Remy is not playing with you rap b*tchs. Hats off to Remy and her team she walked into 2014 like she never left. Hair on point, fashion on trend, and her bars are not the f*cked with! Look out Onika!

Listen to Remy destroy this song!

Whut say you?




[REVIEW] Hardcore 2K14-Lil Kim


So…Kimberly Jones took a break from nursing Royal Reign and decided to drop her long-delayed mixtape, Hardcore 2K14. Now I am not a fan of artists doing Part II’s of their classic albums and Lil Kim is no different, leave well enough alone! Part II almost never lives up to the original, and that’s the case with this mixtape/album. Now before Lil Kim fans go getting all up in arms, I am Day one Lil Kim fan! I want her to BE GREAT, but I am NOT HERE for this lackluster music. Kimberly’s most recent releases sound like she is not even trying. So if you’re not spitting like the Quiet Storm(Remix) or Big Mama Thang, I don’t desire to hear it.

This new mixtape includes 11 tracks and guest appearances from Jadakiss, Yo Gotti, Cassidy(What Career Crypt Did They Pull Him Out Of), and French Montana. The songs on this mixtape sound like Kimberly is trying to fit into what “the kids” are doing today, and honestly it doesn’t work. Real Sick featuring Jadakiss is probably the song that sounds the closest to the Lil Kim I miss. The song samples Nortorious B.I.G and is reminiscent of early 95-96. This song is probably the only one that I really like off the whole mixtape. If we could have more tracks in this vein I think the mixtape would have been much better.

In my opinion the rest of the mixtape falls flat. Dead Gal Walking, is Kim’s failed attempted at Trini Rap, where is Inga(Foxy Brown) when you need her because this isn’t it. Kim also tries to get her Lauryn Hill on with Whenever You See Me which features Cassidy, and samples The Fugees’s, Ready or Not, no thank you! Work The Pole, I assume is supposed to be Lil Kim’s ode to the strip club, it samples a 50 cent song not sure which one, but NO!

At some point someone needs to pull Kimberly to the side and let her know that this lazy ass rap isn’t going to cut it out what with Nicki and Remy out here. Someone please shake her! If you aren’t going to at least try Kim, why bother. I expected so much more from a hip hop legend like yourself, but again I am disappointed with this mixtape. Stop trying to fit into what everyone else is doing and just be Lil Kim! I am glad that you are making music that isn’t all about Nicki Minaj tho, that’s a step forward. As always I encourage you to judge for yourself, listen to the mixtape HERE 

Final Rating: 1.5/5

Whut say you?


RHOA’s Apollo Nida Turns Himself In


So…if you remember yesterday RHOA’s Apollo Nida(Phaedra’s Husband) was suppose to turn himself into authorities, but instead showed up at his wife’s home and proceeded to go bat shit crazy “allegedly”. Well it seems that Mr. Nida came to his senses and turned himself in, but not before posting a crypticstupid-ass Instagram video:

Asunder? Really *side-eye* maybe he meant his ass will be under Big Mook in that cell. They should have never gave y’all cell phones, much less iPhones. Then he says. “Stay tuned,” for what exactly the next episode of Oz? I feel so bad for those kids, growing up without a dad.

Jesus Fix It!

Whut say you?

[Throwback Thursday] I Changed My Mind-Keyshia Cole


The Throwback Thursday song is, I Changed My Mind by Keyshia Cole. It comes from her debut album The Way It Is. This was a time when it was all so simple and we were all satisfied with Keyshia’s kool-aid red hair. Before reality TV. Before we met Frankie & Neffie. Before we met all her long lost siblings. Before she married Losing Isaiah(Daniel Gibson. Back when Kanye just used to make beats and produce. Those were the days.

Things were all so simple back then, this is the Keyshia I f*cks with! But I guess change is inevitable in life, but what I wouldn’t give to have Old Keyshia back.

Check out the throwback Thursday song below:

Whut say you?

[WATCH] Usher Performs “She Came To Give It To You”




Usher performed She Came To Give It To You on Fashion Rocks. Urrrrrrsher opened the show, but Nicki Minaj didn’t join him for this performance. He rocked the stage with an all female band and was joined by models. The show was taped live at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Usher gave a little more energy than he gave when he performed at the BET Awards, but I still don’t get that ummmph that he used to give, but check out his performance below:

Whut say you?

RHOA’S Apollo Nida Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy On Wife Phaedra Parks?



So…Apollo Nida was suppose to report jail to start serving his 8 year sentence for money laundering and check fraud. According to TMZ things went left. Nida apparently showed up at his wife’s(Phaedra Parks) home and went bat sh*t crazy because she “allegedly” isn’t planning to put money on his books or bring their children to visit him while he is locked up.

He “allegedly” forced his way into the home and started screaming at his wife and using profanities. Eyewitnesses say he was demanding property and went inside the master bedroom and began to put items into a bag. RHOA’s camera “allegedly” caught it all on tape. Nida was suppose to report to the authorities by noon, but didn’t, an arrest warrant has “allegedly” been ordered.

This is not a laughing matter, I am very concerned about these two young boys that have to now grow up without a father for 8 years(the formative years) Hopefully Apollo comes to his senses and turns himself into the authorities.

Whut say you?