Evelyn Lozada Returns To Reality TV On Oprah’s Own Network

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“B*tch you ain’t in the circle!” *Evelyn Lozada voice(pre-Iyanla Fix My Life)*

One of my favorite Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada,is returning to reality TV! She has snagged a new reality show on Mama O’s AKA Oprah’s OWN Network. The working title is “Evelyn” The show is set to premiere is July.

Via The Warp:

Evelyn is engaged to big league baseball player Carl Crawford and the couple just welcomed their first child, Carl Leo Jr., to the family last March. Between learning to be a mom all over again, setting up a new home in Los Angeles for her and her family, running several businesses as well as dealing with issues surrounding her family back East… Evelyn has a lot going on! Not to be outdone, her daughter Shaniece’s modeling career is taking off resulting in a flood of business opportunities with no clear choice of which to pursue, leaning on her mom for advice which she (sometimes) takes. Each episode is filled with close friends and relatives in the ladies’ lives who help round out a world filled with laughter, support, encouragement and tears as we follow Shaniece carving out the new life before her and Evelyn finally feeling like she has the life she deserves. The series is produced by Shed Media with Pam Healey, John Hesling, Lisa Shannon, Russ Heldt and Evelyn Lozada as executive producers.

I am glad to see one of my favs returning to reality in a more positive light. I am postive there won’t be any cats fights, drinking throwing, or climbing on tables on this show. Mama O is not here for the foolishness! I will be watching this! 

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Wait…Wait…Whut!?!: Song of the Week: Alright-Kendrick Lamar


So the boy Kendrick Lamar dropped his second album, To Pimp A Butterfly, last week and I am still trying to take it all in, before I write my review. It’s a lot to digest, if you haven’t listened please do so! 

I liked most of what I heard from the album but the song of the week had to be, Alright. I love the beat,the message, and K. Dot’s flow. Take a listen below and see if your agree!


Whut say you?

New Album Release: To Pimp A Butterfly-Kendrick Lamar


This didn’t got up on Tuesday it actually went up on Sunday, and I am HERE for it!

On the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s Me Against The World(March 14,1995) Kendrick Lamar dropped his new album, To Pimp A Butterfly, in advance of the previously announced release date. What a surprise! The album has 16 tracks  and features Ron Isley, Snoop Dogg, Bilal, and James Fauntleroy.

I have not had a chance to get deep into the album, except for the first two songs that were released. But once I give it a thorough listen I will give my review. I know what You are saying, what happened to the review of several other albums that came out prior to this? Welp! Life happened but bear with me I will get caught up. Will you be coping K. Dot’s new album?

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[WATCH]New Video: Unbelievable-Bobby V


Bobby V has dropped the visual for Unbelievablewhich is his new single. If nothing else Bobby is resilient, this man consistently puts out new music with or without backing from a major label. It’s safe to say that time flies, it has been 10 years since Bobby dropped his debut album, Bobby Valentino, on Disturbing The Peace.  Y’all remember his hits, Tell Me and Slow Down, those two still get heavy rotation on iPod.

Not sure where the video was filmed, but it looks like he filmed it on top of Stone Mountain here in Atlanta, but don’t quote me on that LOL. I like the song and the video is nice and simplistic.

Check it out below:

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[LISTEN]New Music: King Kunta-Kendrick Lamar + To Pimp A Butterfly Tracklisting


We want the whole funk and nothing but the funk!

Kendrick Lamar is back with the second single single from his highly anticipated second album, To Pimp a Butterfly. The song is titled King Kunta. First let me just say that the cover art for this single is striking and very polarizing very similar to the cover art for the actual album.

You can tell from the funky grove of this song that Parliment Funkadelic was a heavy influence when this song was created. The hook of the song lets you know that K. Dot is not here for the games

“Bitch where you when I was walkin’? / Now I run the game got the whole world talkin’ / King Kunta,”

The song sounds like it could be in the updated version of the blaxploitan classic Foxy Brown with Cookie from Empire in the starring role. After hearing the Blacker The Berry and this song, I am very interested to hear, To Pimp a Butterfly. Check out the King Kunta and the tracklisting for the new album below. Also check out the Michael Jackson shout out.

Listen to King Kunta HERE

To Pimp a Butterfly Tracklisting

To Pimp a Butterfly
1. “Wesley’s Theory”
2. “For Free? (Interlude)”
3. “King Kunta”
4. “Institutionalized”
5. “These Walls”
6. “u”
7. “Alright”
8. “For Sale? (Interlude)”
9. “Momma”
10. “Hood Politics”
11. “How Much A Dollar Cost”
12. “Complexion”
13. “The Blacker the Berry”
14. “You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)”
15. “i”
16. “Mortal Man”

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[WATCH]New Video: Doubt-Mary J. Blige


The Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige has dropped the visual for Doubt, from her most current album, The London Sessions. This song is one of my favorites off the new album. In the video we find MJB walking through an empty theater belting out this motivational tune.

Mary always gives us face, a good fit(outfit), and a good heel-toe(shoe) and this video is no different. Let MJB inspire you to stop doubting yourself.

Check it out below:

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[LISTEN]New Music: You Changed Me-Jamie Foxx Featuring Chris Brown


Jamie Foxx is back with new music and a newly drawn hairline *side-eye* The song is called You Changed Me and it features Chris Brown. Jamie and Chris sing about turning in their playa cards *yawns* The song was lifted from Foxx’s upcoming album(May 19), which is still untitled.

I can’t really say that I am impressed with the song, it sounds like Uncle Jamie is trying to keep up with cool kids. I don’t hate it, but I am not doing cartwheels either. Hopefully this new project has more to offer than what is currently playing on the radio. We shall see!

Take a listen below:

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[LISTEN]Sunday Inspirational Song: Bless This House-Dorinda Clark-Cole


The Sunday Inspirational Song is Bless This House by Dorinda Clark-Cole. The song comes from her fifth album, Living It, which was released February 17, 2015. Upon first listening to this song I was moved by the message of the song and also by Dorinda’s anointed voice.

Take a listen below and be moved by the song and her voice. Also be sure to pick up Dorinda’s new album, Living It, it is definitely worth taking a listen. You can also catch Dorinda Clark-Cole on Preachers of Detroit, which airs on The Oxygen Network at 8 pm EST time.

Take a listen below:

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Reality TV CliffsNotes: Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce


You already knoooooooooooooooooow! The Queen Diva Big Freedia is back with Season 3 of her hit reality show Big Freedia: Queen of Boucne which airs on the Fuse Network on Wednesdays @11 PM EST. Big Freedia,The Queen Diva, is a pioneer in the New Orleans Bounce music scene. Bounce music been around since the 80’s locally(New Orleans) and underground. I fell in love with this show after the first episode,and have been a faithful watcher for seasons 1&2. My favorite person from the show is Ms. Vera(Freedia’s mother) whom succumbed to cancer at the end of season 2. This season we find Freedia embarking on her Just Be Free Tour, which is her first major tour. This tour is bittersweet because Ms. Vera is not along for the ride. The same bunch of characters from previous seasons are back this season bringing drama, comedy, and twerking.

Episode 1: “Just Be Free”

Freedia and prepare to leave for the “Just Be Free” Tour. Freedia gets even more personal this season, when we meet her boyfriend Devon, whom we weren’t introduced to during previous seasons. The team preps for the tour and also we get to see the first stop on the tour in Shreveport, LA. Where dancer Tootie breaks the window while twerking. Freedia gives a rousing performance to a packed house. All is well until she receives a call/text notifying her that Devon(boyfriend) has been arrested. This sends Freedia into a tailspin.

Episode 2: “Flash’s Dance”

Episode 2 picks up with Freedia reeling from the revelation that her boyfriend has been arrested. Freedia gets her lawyer on the case, and Devon is released on bail. They FaceTime all is well in the Queendom. Flash, one the dancers along on the tour reveals that his birth mother, that he has not seen in a number of years will be at the show. Of course he is excited at the thought of seeing his birth mother after so many years, but unfortunately she decides not to attend the Atlanta show, and Flash has to deal with this rejection. This was a hard scene to watch, as no one wants to be rejected in general, and especially not by a parent. Flash is able to channel this hurt and rejection into an amazing performance during the show. Next stop on the tour is Washington DC.

This season of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is already off to good start. I look forward to future episode as Freedia shares Bounce music with the world. If haven’t already watched season 1&2, check out full episodes On Demand and also on Fuse.com. Checked back for my recap of episode 3.

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Go Fund Angie Stone’s Bail and Diamond’s Dental Bills

Since everyone is starting GoFundMe’s how about we start a GoFundMe for Angela Stone’s bail. It seems that R&B Diva Angela Stone was arrested for assaulting her daughter Diamond in Dekalb County in Georgia.

According to TMZ, Stone and her daughter got into an altercation,which resulted in Stone striking her daughter in the face with a metal stand and knocking out her front teeth allegedly . Stone is said to have allegedly fled the scene after the incident, but was later arrested.

She was booked on aggravated assault. In addition to Angie’s GoFundMe, we need to start one Diamond’s dental bills because those are very inexpensive! I hope they can work it out I hate to see a family at odds.

Whut say you?

S/N: I am starting a GoFundMe to locate Dame Dash’s tooth as well, if these hood mice can fund trips to the fight in Vegas, why oh why can’t I extend a helping hand to those in need?

Photo Credit: TMZ, AJC