[WATCH] Jay-Z’s B-Sides Concert 


Jay-Z’s B-Sides concert has come and gone, and I am pissed that I wasn’t in attendance,but thanks to Tidal I was able to watch it and have some semblance of being there. I’m fine with that lol!

Jay ran through some of his most famous B-Sides. True Hov fans are very familiar with these songs. Beenie Sigel & Jay-Z patched up their differences. We saw the reunion of State Property. It was good to see Beans on stage, it was touch and go when he was shot a while back.

I won’t go into extreme detail about the concert watch if for yourself HERE if you’re in that Tidal number, if not check out some flicks below:


Whut Say You?

[Photo Credit:Tidal]

[WATCH]New Video: Feeling Myself-Nicki Minaj Featuring Beyoncé

BeyHive and Barbz Rejoice!

Nicki Minaj & Queen Bey have dropped the visual for Feelin Myself from Nicki’s The  Pink Print. This song is one of my favs off the album. Nicki & Bey don’t disappoint,  they don’t too much, but give me just enough of what I need!

The video is very fun and free, Nicki and Bey feed each other McDonald’s at one point in the video. Don’t rejoice too fast tho…the video is currently only available to Tidal subscribers. Sooooooo glad I am in that number! Are you? Won’t have me out here looking crazy when Jay & Bey drop this joint album. 

If you subscribe to Tidal watch it HERE

If you’re not in that number check out a few flicks below:

 Whut say you? 

[Photo Credit:Tidal]

[LISTEN]Song of The Week: Stuck With Me-Tamia


GOTDAMMIT Tamia!!!! You didn’t have to do me like this! 🙌🏾

The Song of the Week is Stuck With Me by Tamia. The song comes her upcoming album Love Life. After she gave us a Sandwich And A Soda, she came back with this masterpiece right here!

Tamia sings this in a way only she can! The song reminds me of Stanger In My House. This one here is on repeat. After these first two singles I can not wait to hear what this album will sound like. Mrs. Grant Hill you did the damn thing! Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN] Throwback Thursday-Down For Me-Loon Featuring Mario Winans

Ayeeeeeeeeeee! I just hit a serious Diddy Bop off theThrowback Thursday song, Down For Me by Loon Featuring Mario Winanas. When I tell y’all this used to be my shit! 

This was back when Loon was writing Puff’s raps and around the time when Bad Boy was running out of steam. Back before Loon became Muslim. 

Go ahead and Diddy Bop wit me off this one! 

Listen below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]New Music:Fools Gold-Jill Scott

Jilly from Philly is back with the second single from her upcoming project. Jill sings about all things that glitter not being gold! Ain’t that the GOTDAMN truth! I am not really moved by this offering, or the last one for that matter.

This song doesn’t give me enough ummph! I don’t hate it tho. Hopefully the rest of the album is better,but until then listen to Fools Gold below:

Also check out Jill’s tour dates below: 

Whut say you?

Beyoncé Shuts Down The Met Gala

Creole God’s Rejoice! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Queen Bey came to the Met Gala and shut it the f*ck down! Damn Pony Tail! She shines in a barely there sheer Givenchy gown! Say what you want about her, on second thought don’t say anything because some of y’all get outta pocket!  

There’s really nothing to say here folks the pictures speak for themselves! Check out more flicks below:


This goes without saying, but in case you forgot slander of The Carters is not allowed take it to another blog!

Whut say you?


[LISTEN] Tune In Tuesday: Jackie-Ciara

It’s Tune In Tuesday!

Ciara is back with a new release titled Jackie, named after her Mother. I really try to see it for Ciara, and I actually enjoyed her last album, but it was poorly promoted. Set up was all wrong! She’s on that list with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams where album set up is concerned. They all always seem to be late to the party i.e long gaps between singles and video releases, but I am going to be optimistic, hopefully she get it right this time around. I have been known to give Ciara a hard time, but it’s because I see her doing more!

The album features 16 tracks and guest appearance from Missy Elliott, Pit Bull, and T.I. Let’s hope this go around that CiCi gets it right! I honestly miss the Ciara below:


Oh…the way we were! I am currently listening to the album, we shall see what the final verdict is….Where is Jazzy Pha when you need him?

Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]California Roll-Snoop Dogg Featuring Stevie a Wonder & Pharrell


Snoop is back with a new song  titled California Roll, and I’m not talking about sushi! The song features Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams.  Snoop and Pharrell normally make a great duo, but I am not sure how I feel about Stevie Wonder on a song about rolling weed. No judgement tho…

The song is decent, Snoop showcase that sing/rap thing that he has been doing for years now. I can’t I say I am wowed by the song, but it’s not terrible. Stevie needed to give a good break down in the middle. Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]NEW MUSIC: Coffee-Miguel Featuring Wale 

Miguel is back with new music! The song is titled Coffee, it features Wale. This offering  is not far from Miguel’s normal formula. It’s kinda slow and sexy. Wale provides a decent verse, so y’all please give him his acculades*NeNe Leakes voice*  because he will throw a fit! 

I like the song, and I am interested to see what Miguel has to offer with this new project. Until we hear more take a listen to Coffee below:

Whut say you? 

[LISTEN]Wait..Wait…Whut!?! Ratchet Song of the Week: Flex(Ooh,Ooh,Ooh)-Rich Homie Quan

The Ratchet Song of the Week is Flex(Ooh,Ooh,Ooh) by Rich Homie Quan. I can always count Rich Homie Quan to provide me with a ratchet banger to help me get my week started. The beat of this song makes me nod my head and the hook is easy to sing along with Ooh,Ooh,Ooh! Ayeeeeeee!  This one has been heavy rotation on my Spotify. 

Take a listen because as I always say, everyone needs a little ratchetness in their life especially on Monday! Make sure you sing along Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! 

P.S. Nitti on the beat Ayeeeeeee! 

Whut say you?