Tune In Tuesday: Non-Fiction-Ne-Yo



The Gentlemen, Ne-Yo, is back with a new album titled, Non-Fiction, the album has a hefty 19 songs. Ne-Yo’s last few projects I haven’t been able to get into. Partly because of that Euro-pop thing that he and Usher have experimented with, and also I am not really a fan of PitBull. Hopefully “So Sick” Ne-Yo show up on this album. I have not yet listened to it, but I will get back to you all with my thoughts on the album. It could be a full review or “Quick Picks” we shall see. Until then let me know your thoughts on the album.

Whut say you?

Tune In Tuesday: Forever Charlie-Charlie Wilson



Uncle Charlie is back with new music. The album is titles, Forever Charlie, and has 12 song. I find it amazing that Charlie Willson is still going strong in the music industry he is true testament of how far real talent will take. He most definitely a fighter after beating prostate cancer. His work with The Prostate Cancer Foundation, encourages black men to be tested for prostate cancer. I have not listened to the album, but I will get back to you all with my thoughts.  Until then listen and let me know your thoughts and opinions

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[LISTEN] New Music: FourFiveSeconds-Rihanna Featuring Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Photo Credit:Instagram:@badgalriri

Rihanna Navy Rejoice!

RiRi has released a new song titled FourFiveSeconds featuring Kanye West & Paul McCartney. I can’t really say I like or dislike the song. The fact that she has Sir Paul McCartney on the song says a lot! Some of these youngins didn’t even know who he was! *scoffs* Do your GOOGLES boys and girls.

This is the longest break RiRi has taken from music, I am interested to see what she cooked up for this new album. Until then check out the song HERE

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[WATCH] New Video: Autumn Leaves-Chris Brown Featuring Kedrick Lamar



So in the never-ending saga that is Chris Brown and Kimchi(Karrueche), we get a new video for, Autumn Leaves, which is probably one of my favorite tracks off Christopher’s current album X.  In this Asian themed video, Chris fights for love as a samurai with Kimchi(Karrueche) as his love interest. Kendrick Lamar does not appear in the video.

I really hope and pray that Christopher’s most current legal troubles don’t derail his career. Another jail stint would not be a good look. Also I hope Chris and Karrueche finally have worked it out. It’s clear she is ride or die chick. She might be the one Chris.

Check Out The Video Below:

[Review] Quick Picks From K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?”



I have a love/hate relationship with Love & Hip Hop’s resident hood mouse(I call her that affectionately) K. Michelle. I have a hard time separating her hood mouse antics from her art. I know I should be able to do so, but I am not at that point yet. That is not to say that K. Michelle is talentless, but the ratchet behavior hinders her. As she famously said in an interview with The Skorpion Show, “Just Sing!” Please do just that Kimberly! I didn’t like the whole album, but I do have “Quick Picks” check them out below:

Love ‘Em All

I didn’t like this one at first, but it grew on me.


K. Michelle said, “You gon cry,” and she meant that! I like this song, many of have felt this way including me!

How Do You Know?

K. sings her face off on this one and the piano on this one brings it home!

Hard To Do

K, never one to hold her tongue, doesn’t hold back with lines like, “Missing you is way to hard to do, I’d rather be f*cking you” This is poetic with a side of ratchet! I like it!

Maybe I Should Call 

Oh…K…these songs about Idris (-_-), but I still like the feel of this song. Nice R&B song.

Something About The Night

*grabs my red cup and begins my two-step* K slid on this song right here! This is probably my favorite song off the album, and she had the nerve to attempt to scat! C’mon K!

Whut songs did y’all like?


[Review]Quick Picks From Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print


I know, I know, I know what you’re saying, why didn’t Wait…Wait…Whut!?! review Nicki Minaj’s new album The Pink Print? To be perfectly honest with you I didn’t really like the album at first, but after listening to it a few times I must say certain songs have grown on me. This whole singing thing that Nicki does is not the Nicki I f*cks with! I understand why she has to do that on albums, but I prefer that Nicki that spits a hot 16. So since I don’t really feel like reviewing the whole album I will list the songs that I like. Here are my go to songs from the album, we’ll call them “Quick Picks”

Get On Your Knees Featuring Ariana Grande 

Sounds like Black Horse by Katy Perry, but hey I like it!

Feeling Myself Featuring Beyonce

Anything featuring The Queen Bey I f*cks with!

Only Featuring Drake, Chris Brow, and Lil Wayne

This song goes hard! This is the Nicki I f*cks with!

Want Some More 

The beat goes hard! While Nicki’s lyrics are simplistic I still love it!

Four Door Aventador

This gives me 90’s vibe, and Nicki spittin on this, favorite song off the album

Favorite Featuring Jeremih

Say what you want about Jeremih, but this dude always manages to get on the hottest tracks. I love this song!

Buy A Heart Featuring Meek Mill

Meek and Nick gel well on this track and from current gossip they gel well in their personal lives as well.


Nicki is spittin on this! I f*cks with this!

Whut tracks did you all like?


[WATCH] Power Season 2 Trailer


I know I am not the only one who was glued to the television when the Starz’s original series was on! Last season left us wondering what the hell was going to happen to Ghost, Angela(Mistress), Tasha(Wife), and Tommy.

Ghost seemingly lost it all at then end of season one, and it also left us wondering what Kanan(50 Cent) has up his sleeve after being released from prison. I can not wait until this summer to see what happens. Can Ghost get back on top? Will he end the affair with Angela? Will his friendship with Tommy end? Will Kanan come out on top? Until then I guess the first look for season 2 below will have to hold us over.

Check It Out:

Whut say you?

[Review] Reality Show-Jazmine Sullivan


Jazmine Sullivan’s new album, Reality Show, dropped last week and I was at a lost for words when I first pushed play on my iPod. First let me say that I am glad that Jazmine Sullivan is back on the scene and giving us awesome vocals and range. Jazmine took some time off to sort out some things in personal life. In an interview she has stated that she was in an abusive relationship. Artists normally do their best work when they are in pain or going through something. Reality Show is a testament to that. The album is titled Reality Show because like me, Jazmine is a reality show junkie, JUDGE US!

Jazmine has innate way of melding 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current music together. She did this on her last album and does something similar on this new album. The way I look at the album each song is like a reality show within itself. On each song Jazmine song tells a story that her audience can relate to. On Dumb, which features fellow Philly native Meek Mill, Jaz sings about calling her significant other out about cheating and lying. Mascara, is about “Instagram” models( I use model lightly) and their need to stay ahead of the game so the bags and shoes can keep coming. Brand New is a story that is very prevalent in the music industry. The ride or die chick that was there when said rapper/singer was posting music on sound cloud and performing at hole in the wall clubs ends up getting left behind for an “upgrade” when said rapper/singer makes it big. Silver Linings is the story of a father who goes to extreme measures(robbery) to provide for his family.

#Hoodlove is the Bonnie and Clyde Theme for 2015. Jazmine rides the driving beat of this song with her rich vocals until the GOTDAMN wheels falls off. She pretty much sums of the sentiments of ride or die chicks near and far, with the line, “He ain’t always right, but he’s just right for me.” Now, Let It Burn, is one of my favorite tracks off the album. This songs gives me a 90’s R&B feel, and Jaz sings her face off, and when she goes into her upper range the song is off the meters for me. Veins, is another favorite from the album, she sings about the feeling of love taking over her life and becoming a dangerous addiction. Love is a dangerous and volatile thing and Jazmine conveys that with this song. Forever Don’t Last, is a song that tells the after affects of that love she sang about on the previous song. She pretty much sums up the feelings that most feel after a break-up with the line, “I had high hopes for us baby…” Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we would like them, and that’s unfortunately a sad truth and sometimes a blessing in disguise. This song is another favorite of mine, her vocals give me goose bumps.

Stupid Girls, is cautionary tale, it gives me an Amy Winehouse vibe. To make a long story short Jazmine is telling women to use your damn brain, basically, ” Don’t be no dummy!” I like the song it is a different vibe from Sullivan, which is very refreshing. Stanley, gives me an updated disco vibe, Jazmine sings of being underappreciated by her man(Stanley). The best line of the song is, “Maybe take a b*tch to dinner” This song is another favorite of mine. It just goes to show she can switch up her style, and still keep her audience. Masterpiece(Mona Lisa), is an empowerment anthem about loving ones-self. Jazmine covers this topic with masterfully. There has to come a point where everyone has to see themselves as a work of art. If You Dare, is another empowerment song about not being afraid to live your life. I like the song it’s a great way to close out the album.

Reality Show seamlessly covers several eras of music, but still manages not to sound dated. Jazmine is one of the few artist that is able to do this, Fantasia would be another.  After Jazmine’s long hiatus from the music industry, this album was great way to re-introduce herself. She clearly didn’t miss a beat, and it seems that her personal issues have inspired a cohesive body of work. The track order, lyrical content, vocals,production, and varying styles make this a album great. As always form your own opinion about music and in general, but this album is a must have!

Final Rating 5/5

Whut say you?

[Review] The Intimate Truth-Ledisi


Ledisi has given her fans a treat with the acoustic version of her album, The Truth, the new EP is titled The Intimate Truth. The acoustic album features seven songs. I already reviewed, The Truth, in a previous post. I absolutely love this EP, Ledisi’s voice does something to me. To hear her deliver the songs live makes me want to go see her live in concert. There is something about watching an artist perform live(artists that can actually sing and have stage presence).

This EP does what Chrisette Michele tried to do with that ill-fated, The Lyricist Opus. My favorite song/performance is, Lose Control. Ledisi’s voice is on point and raw at the same time and her background singers are sangin! Mama did not play with this EP. I can’t wait to see what she has in store us with her new album. This EP definitely worth listening to if you enjoy good sangin and live performance. As always form your own about music and in general. But go cop this EP now!

Check out the Like This(Acoustic) below:

Final Rating: 5/5

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[LISTEN] New Music: I Bet-Ciara


Fresh off her break-up with fiance Future it seems Ciara has been inspired to get back in the studio and give her fans some new music and a new break-up anthem. The song is titled, I Bet, and it was written by Ciara and Rock City. Harmony Samuels produced the song.

The song is clearly about her break up with Future, she sings of a lover who did her wrong on this mid-tempo song. I don’t really feel one way or another about this song. I am hoping this a teaser and not the first single from her upcoming album Jackie. The new album is named after her mother. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying Ciara can’t deliver on a slow song, but I just see her first single as something uptempo where she can showcase her dance skills and choreography, but hey who am I?

Check it out below:

Whut say you?