[LISTEN]Throwback Thursday: Next Lifetime-Erykah Badu

The Throwback Thursday song is Next Lifetime by Erykah Badu. The song comes from Erykah’s Classic debut album, Baduizm, which featured a whole slew of other hits. 

That album is one that I can play from beginning to end without skipping a track. The thing I love about Erykah is the fact that out of the gate she was different. Her videos were different and refreshing. She still to this day is one of my favs and I fell in love with her even more when checked Azealia Banks via Twitter.

Check out the video HERE

“You sure put me in awkward situation”

Whut say you? 

[Watch]New Video: Every Moment-Jodeci 

Jodeci has finally released the video for, Every Moment, the lead single from their upcoming forth album, The Past, The Present, The Future. The album is due out March 31 and features production from Timband and a guest appearance from B.o.B

In the video we find the fellas singing in the snow with a grand piano to boot! Be sure to check out DeVante’s costar(his hat). I like the wardrobe in the video and I also like the song. I am interested to hear what this album will sound like.

Check out tracklisting for the new album below:

1. “Too Hot”
2. “Sho Out”
3. “Checkin for You”
4. “Those Things”
5. “Every Moment”
6. “Nobody Wins” feat. B.o.B
7. “Incredible”
8. “Jennifer”
9. “Body Parts”
10. “Stress Reliever”
11. “Sho Out” feat. Liana Banks
12. “Nobody Wins”

Check out the video HERE

Whut say you?

[Watch] New Video: Post To Be-Omarion Feat Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko


New father,Omarion, has finally released the visual for Post To Be. The song features Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. The video is very minimalistic against a stark white background, Omarion and friends perform the song with addition of some rented car.

I like this song, I still have not listened to Omarion’s new album in it’s entirety, I will one day. But until then go ahead and check out the video below:

Whut say you?

Tune In Tuesday: Living It-Dorinda Clark-Cole


This one almost slipped pass me! Detroit native and member of the legendary Clark Sisters, Dorinda Clark-Cole, has released a new album titled, Living It. The album features 11 songs and a guest appearance from Donnie McClurkin.

As you know I like all types of music and gospel is one of my favorite genres. I also have to support artists from my city! Detroit What!?!

Be sure to pick up Dorinda’s album and also be sure to catch her on the new series Preachers of Detroit on WeTv. The show premieres on 2/20 @ 8 PM EST.

Will you be picking up Dorinda new album and watching Preachers of Detroit?

[LISTEN]Throwback Tuesday: Cheers 2 U-Playa

The Throwback Tuesday song is Cheers 2 U by Playa. Y’all remember Playa don’t you? Playa is an American R&B/hip-hop group. The original lineup consisted of Jawaan “Smokey” Peacock, Benjamin “Black” Bush and Stephen “Static Major” Garrett.

The song was produced by Timbaland. The song is from the album of the same name released in 1998. Static Major went on to be a songwriter and left us way too soon. This song was one of my favorites from the late 90’s I remember having the CD single of this song and playing this song on repeat on my Walkman CD player in the Case Logic carrying case.

Check It Out Below:

Whut say you?

Puffy, The Lox, & Lil Kim Reunite At Madison Square Garden For “The Tip Off” Concert

Puff Daddy

I feel like it’s the 90’s all over again and Bad Boy is on top! Why you ask? Puff Daddy, The Lox, and Lil Kim reunited at Madison Square Garden for the “The Tip Off” concert!

The Bad Boy 90’s roster ran through a whole slew of hits! This video had me on my feet, but but it didn’t seem like the audience had the same sentiments. The audience was dead on arrival. I still got my entire life. This was the golden era of music for my generation.

Check out the video below:

Whut say you?


[LISTEN] Unbelievable-Bobby Valentino


Say what the f*ck you want about Bobby V, but he always manages to put out new material label or no label. This time around his brings us, Unbelievable.

The song masterfully uses a sample from R. Kelly’s Your Body’s Callin. It’s produced by Emerson Brooks, and it sounds like he and Bobby work well together. I like this song, it is a very mellow slow jam. Bobby V been in the game for a very long time.

Check out Bobby’s new song below:

Faith Evans Performs ‘Fragile’ On The Queen Latifah Show



Ok…so wait I thought Queen Latifah’s show was canceled? Did it get picked back up and no one told me? Anyway, welcome back for Season 3 Queen Latifah. The First Lady of R&B Faith Evan stopped by to sing her song, Fragile, from her latest album Incomparable. She brought down the house and also chatted about the album and a possible duets album with her late husband The Notorious B.I.G. This should be interesting, the duets album is said to be called the King & I

Faith happens to be one of my favorite female vocalist, her first album still gets rotation like it was just released yesterday. It is awesome to see her out here promoting this new album. I need a tour Faith! Small intimate venues where you can connect with her Faithfuls.  Check out the performance and interview below:

Whut say you?

Independent Artist Spotlight: L. Young


So…I am scrolling my timeline on Facebook and I see one of those videos where a singer picks a popular song and sings all the parts of the song and stacks them on top of each other to create a video. Now I have watched a few of these videos, but this one by an artist by the name of L. Young caught my ear. Now if you follow this blog, then you already know that I am a lover of good music and good singing. So after listening to the first video I was lead to the L. Young’s Youtube Page where I discovered more videos and more information about this talented singer.

L.Young has established himself as an artist, writer, and performer. He has been credited for writing, music, and production for several artists, as well as platinum selling soundtracks. “My music is the bridge to all my dreams, and the starting point for my main purpose on this planet. Through music I’m learning who I actually am as a person,” says L. Young. Writing credits include the top 5 single and title track off Jessy J’s #1 Billboard debut Album “Hot Sauce.” Keke Wyatt’s projects, “Who Knew” and “Unbelievable.” L.Young also worked on the production of B2k’s “Babygirl” off of “The Barbershop Soundtrack.”

If you love good singing and good music like I do, then take a minute and give him a listen. Check out some of his video below:

Visit His Website HERE

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