New Music: Born Sinner by J. Cole


The Hip Hop God’s have smiled down upon us with the second studio album Born Sinner by J. Cole. Many artists fall victim to the sophomore jinx, but that is clearly not the case with this here album! I was already a fan of J. Cole’s way back when he was doing mixtapes but far exceeds my expectations.

This album features production from Christian Rich, Elite and Cole himself. Standout tracks Land of Snakes (which samples the Da Art of Story Tellin by Outkast), Power Trip(Featuring Miguel), She Knows, Crooked Smile(Featuring TLC), Let Nas Down, and last but not least Forbidden Fruit(Featuring Kendrick Lamar), which happens to be my favorite track! It’s hard to pick standout tracks without naming all the tracks on the album, but those are just of few gems from this great album.

If this album is any indication of where Cole is going, I would have to say he is destined for greatness! Cole’s use of words and the way he paints a picture sets him apart from many Hip Hop artists out today.

Final Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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