New Music: Sixth Street EP by Yuna


The other day I was listening to Spotify and I hit the “Discover” tab and stumbled upon an artist named Yuna, that I had never heard of. Now anyone that knows me knows that I am a music lover and I have very eclectic musical tastes, so suffice to say I was excited!

Yunalis Mat Zara’ai or commercially known as Yuna, is a Malaysian singer-songwriter. She released her Sixth Street EP on May 7, 2013 on the Verve label.

Yuna’s sound is Pop meets Coldplay. While the EP only has 6 songs it packs a big punch. Favorite tracks are: “I Wanna Go”, “Young”, and “Musician”.

Take a listen to “I Wanna Go”

If you are a music lover like me you will definitely enjoy this EP

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