Girl Whut!?!: Chris Brown Accuser Says She Just Really Wants An Apology


According to TMZ, Chris Brown’s accuser was asked if she will see sue for pain and suffering or for payment of hospital bills(most people would)and she stated all she really wants is an apology, but she still moving forward with with the criminal allegations. Say whut now!?! She has apparently already has a lawyer. Girl Whut!?!

Ok…so many questions, so little time. Ma’am if your not going to sue for pain and suffering and/or hospital expenses then what the fcuk is the purpose!?! This has to be dumbest f*ckery I have ever heard! An apology really!?! How about we have Chris tweet you one!!(he seems to do so well)

Brown still obtains that he has been falsely accused, which I can kinda see after this development, but again who am I?

Something in the milk ain’t clean! But we will see how this plays out.



Whut, say you?