Jay-Z Reportedly Planning Surprise Concert In Times Square(Updated!)

Hov, Hova, Sean Carter, Jigga or Jay-Z or whatever you choose to call him is reportedly planning a surprise concert in Times Square! According to the New York Post, the surprise concert will take place atop the Ed Sullivan Theater next month during rush hour.

Nothing is finalized, but something this big would require police to shut down surrounding streets and buildings. It would also require a big police presence to keep fans under control. If Hov gets permission to do this, it will be bananas!

Apparently Jay tried to do this 3 years ago, but was shut down. If he pulls this off, I will add this the list of things that make him F*cking Genius!! I am HERE for this!

Update: It’s on!! Jay-Z will perform atop the Ed Sullivan theater’s marquee on July 8, just 4 days after his ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ hits shelves. Days after plans for this Times Square concert were announced Mayor Bloomberg has given the green light! Jay-Z will appear on David Lettermen the same night.

The concert is part of the big promotional push behind Jay’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

This will be EPIC!





Whut, say you?