New Video: Hit It From The Back-Rasheeda


Against Kirk’s and Auntie Deb’s(Deb Atney) advice, good and pregnant Rasheeda(hard headed ass) has released the visual for her song “Hit It From The Back”*takes pregnant pause*

Something about a pregnant woman rapping about fire coming out her asshole and smoking on Kiesha is wrong on so many levels. Add to that the fact that Rasheeda, who is married is surround by half naked men with a pregnant belly.*hangs head*

I would have liked to see Rasheeda take Auntie Deb’s advice on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and focus on other endeavors while pregnant with a belly fulla Kirk. I like Rasheeda she is a very pretty woman and she had a few twerk tunes that still play on my iPod, but someone needs to tell her this rap career thing ain’t working out in her favor.

Sheeda let’s work on Plan B!

Check Out: Hit It From The Back

What do you think of the video?

Whut, say you?