Album Review: SongVersation-India.Arie


Now this is the India.Arie I f*cks with!

That’s the first thought that came to mind when Iistened to the India’s new album ‘SongVersation.’ I don’t know what happened between the last album and this one, but I am HERE for this album right here!

India opens the album with the instrumental SongBird Intro(India calls her fans SoulBirds) which is a great opener. I can tell from listening to this album she took every f*ck she had and sprinkled them b*tches all around the booth, and when she was was all outta f*cks, she turned some inside out and used them again! This album puts me in the same mood as India’s second album ‘Voyage to India’ did way back when.

Stand out tracks on the album include and are not limited to: This Love, Nothing That I Love More, Moved By You, and I Am Light, Just Do You

I have two favorite tracks on the album. Flowers, on which India sings about telling and showing your loved ones that you love and care about them while they are here on earth. My other favorite track on this album is, Life I Know, on which she sings about accepting yourself where you are in life and being ok with it.

All in all this is a refreshing album from India.Arie, she gives me the feeling that she is in a good place, and she had a arduous journey to get to that good place. This album is most definitely a must listen if you have not already.

Final Review: 4/5

What do you think of SongVersation?

Whut, say you?