Michelle Williams Talks New Album & Gives Title


First let me say that Tenitra “Michelle” Williams looks easy, breezy, and m*thafuckin beautiful in the above photo!!!

The photo was taken from a Michigan Avenue Magazine article that Williams did with Deborah Cox. In the interview she discusses her new forthcoming album ‘Journey To Freedom’. She also discusses how the album reflects her life, how Kelly and Bey influence her, and also her work in the Jay-Z produced play Fela!, and whole lot more

Check out some snippets from the article:

How does your upcoming album, Journey to Freedom, focus on your life?

MW: People identify when your music comes from the heart and speaks truth. There was a time last year when I didn’t know if I could record and finish one song, and it took me a while to really be comfortable and allow other people to help me with my thoughts. We had some incredible writers who were able to help me with my own situation, and it really helped deliver me out of some of those dark moments.

How have Beyoncé and Kelly influenced you as a solo artist?

MW: Being in the group that long—with even Bey and Kelly, being in the group that long for them—just rubs off on you. The friendships continue to inspire, but the genres are so different now. I can’t wait for them to hear [my new album], so I can be like “Okay, what do y’all think?” They’re like, “Girl, do this or do that.” But we really try to keep the solo stuff separate.

How long did you rehearse for Fela!?

MW: We all had about two weeks, which is unheard of. It was two weeks of intense rehearsals, and unfortunately, maybe the first week or so of putting the show on the road was rehearsal, too. But they still rehearse us during the week. A lot of stuff is choreographed and on the stage, but I could see how it could easily get too loose.

I know people like to give Michelle a hard time(me included), but I think she may have something with this new album.

Will you be picking up her new album?

Check out the complete interview here


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