Album Review: Ciara(Self Titled)


I guess it’s safe to say that Ciara has finally gotten her stride back with this new album. After a show stopping performance at the EBT Awards she has been heavy on the promotional trial for her self titled album.

Ciara’s self titled album open with the Nicki Minaj assisted “I’m Out,” I did not like this song at first especially after the smash success of Body Party. After seeing the visual for the song, I must say I kinda like the song now.

After several failed projects by Ciara, I was nervous. Ciara seems to have gotten her swagga back. Stand out tracks on the album for me on the album are: Body Party, I’m Out, Keep On Lookin, Read My Lips, and DUI. I could have done without the Future assisted, Where You Go and the Minaj assisted, Livin’ It Up. The last track on the album Overdose sounds like CiCi’s attempt at the Europop thing, and I am not HERE for it. DUI is my favorite track on the album on the album.

While it’s not Ciara’s best work to date it is much better than her two previous works, and it’s definitely worth a listen. CiCi stans are going to eat it up. Hats off to Ciara for finally regaining her footing in this treacherous and ever changing music industry.

Final Review: 2.5/5

Be sure to pick up Ciara’s album on July 9

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