Happy Burfday!:Claudette Ortiz


Happy Burfday Claudette Ortiz!

You might me asking yourself, who in the hell is Claudette Ortiz? Well she is 1/3 of the group singing group City High. The group is most famous for the songs “What Would You Do” and “Caramel” featuring Eve. Claudette also appeared on “Two Wrongs” with Wyclef Jean. The group ultimately ended up breaking up due to inner group turmoil(Claudette was romantically involved with her two male group members)

Currently Claudette can be seen trying to revive her singing career on TV One’s R&B Divas LA. Hopefully Claudette can get this solo career off the ground because she can really sing and she has children to feed! We will see how it goes.

Check Out “Two Wrongs” and “What Would You Do?”


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