Usher’s Son In ICU After Pool Accident


Prayers Up For Usher’s son Usher V AKA “Cinco”

Usher’s son was playing in the pool at the singer’s Atlanta residence yesterday and almost drowned. According to reports:

The child was playing in the pool with his aunt and saw a toy in the drain. He dove down to get the toy and his arm got stuck in the drain. The aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn’t get his hand out. The maid then dove in and tried but was also unsuccessful.

The maid screamed for help. Two men working in the house came out, dove in and freed the boy. He was given CPR immediately and rushed to the hospital. Usher arrived and drove in the ambulance with his son.

This near tragedy has to be hard for the family to cope with being that Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, lost her 11 year old son,Kile, last year in a tragic ski accident on Lake Lanier.

Doctors are said to still be running tests, but word is Cinco is doing well. Tameka and Usher are at the hospital.

Let’s lift them up in prayer.



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