Your Favorite Rapper Is Mad With Kendrick Lamar!



Hot Damn Hoe Here We Go Again!

So…Apparently your favorite rappers are not too happy with Kendrick Lamar, after he shitted on their whole entire lives with his verse on Big Sean’s song “Control” So every no name rapper you could think of has decided to respond. The list goes as follows(in no particular order):

1. Joel Ortiz(Do We Care?)

2. Cassidy(Haven’t heard from him since “My Drink and My Two Step’)

3. Lupe Fiasco(*rolls eyes*)

4. Mickey Factz( Who now?)

5. Astro Drop(Say who now?)

6. B.O.B ( I guess he can respond)

7. Fred The Godson( Who?)

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you *yawns*, I guess it true what they say, “A hit dog will holla!” I guess Kendrick struck a nerve with some your favorite no name rappers, but many of the responses I have listened to are garbage. Word of advice if you are going to respond at least make it come close to Kendrick’s verse. I guess thanks are in order for Kendrick Lamar for pulling these rappers out of the “career crypt” and giving them something to do besides punch receipts at Walmart *pushes cuticles back*

Wake me up when someone who I care about responds! *yawns*






Whut, say you?