Happy Burfday!:Dave Chappelle



Dave Chappelle turns 40 today!

David Khari Webber “Dave” Chappelle ( born August 24, 1973) is a comedian, screenwriter,television/film producer, actor, and artist. Chappelle began his film career in the film Robin Hood: Men in Tights in 1993 and continued to star in minor roles in the films The Nutty Professor, Con Air, and Blue Streak. His first lead role in a film was in Half Baked in 1998. In 2003,  he most popular for his popular sketch comedy television series, Chappelle Show, which ran until his abrupt retirement from the show in 2005.

Chappelle’s spoof of the Prince has to be one of my favorite Chappelle show moments. Prince actually recently used Dave’s spoof of him on the cover of his new single “Breakfast Can Wait

Happy Burfday Dave!






Whut, say you?