WaitWaitWhut!?!:Song of the Week: Almost Is Never Enough-Ariana Grande Featuring Nathan Sykes


I was watching the VMA’s Red Carpet last Sunday, and saw this girl effortlessly singing. I was kind of thrown off when I found out she wasn’t a little girl at all, she is actually a grown woman. I think the prom dress threw me off, but all that aside this girl can sing(she just needs a new stylist). Many people are comparing her to a young Mariah Carey. I won’t go that far and make that comparison just yet she still has a lot to prove to be placed in the same category as MC.

Ariana Grande’s album ‘Yours Truly’ dropped this past Tuesday, and upon listening to it, I stumbled upon a gem entitled, “Almost Is Never Enough” which features Nathan Sykes. Sykes is a British singer from the boy band The Wanted (never heard of them). Both vocalist shine on this song. This is a must listen!

Be sure to check out Ariana’s new album ‘Yours Truly’

Check It Out:

Whut, say you?