Ryan Leslie’s Cadillac Seized To Pay One Million Dollar Reward


Welp! It seems that Ryan Leslie still has not paid the 1 million dollar reward he offered when his treasured laptop was stolen. He must not have thought it would ever be returned, when he made the reward offer. Well it was and not it’s time to pay up! Leslie felt that since his music wasn’t on the laptop when it was returned he didn’t have to pay the reward. Well the judge didn’t see it that way. Only 5K has been paid to date.

To make up the difference, New York City marshalls have seized his 2010 Cadillac Escalade. It was set to be auctioned today. First Diddy took Cassie “allegedly” and now the marshalls have taken his truck.

Don’t offer something you don’t have it or plan to give.



Whut, say you?