WaitWaitWhut!?!:Artist To Watch: Tori Kelly



When I tell you Twitter be knowing!

So…I am scrolling my timeline on Twitter as i regularly do, and I stumble upon a link of a young woman singing an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie,” and the runs this girl did were amazing! The woman’s name is Tori Kelly, apparently she was on American Idol, so I probably missed her because I stopped following AI after Fantasia won.

Kelly was born on December 14, 1992 in Canyon Lake, California. She is of Irish, Puerto Rican, Jamaican and German ancestry. Kelly has appeared on the show Star Search. She didn’t win the contest, but later in 2004, she made an appearance on America’s Most Talented Kids, singing Christina Aguilera’s “Keep on Singin’ My Song” and won, beating out singer and accordionist, Hunter Hayes. She was signed to Geffen Records at the age of 12 but because of conflicting ideas, it was mutually agreed for Tori to be released.

Look for Tori Kelly’s EP ‘Forward’ on iTunes on October 22. Check out Tori’s YouTube channel in the meantime to hear her sing her face off!

Check Out Suit & Tie(Acoustic)


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