NFL Star Braylon Edwards In Hot Water


No one is safe out here in these streets with smartphones and Instagram Video!

Welp! Braylon Edwards is the next to learn this lesson the hard way. Apparently Edwards has found himself in a tad bit of trouble after allegedly attacking a bystander outside of a club in Michigan. During the altercation Edwards grabbed the man up by his ankles causing him to fall to the ground. Now this probably wouldn’t be so bad if it all wasn’t caught on tape. When Edwards realized he was being tapped, he attempted to have  the man filming the incident  to delete the footage and grabbed him up by his ankles as well.

Of course the photographer went to the nearest police station and filed a report, but only after filming his account of events. Hopefully  Braylon doesn’t face any jail time behind this, but these young celebrities and athletes need to be aware that everyone has camera phones and no one is safe. I am glad that the guys he attacked were not injured this could have been far worst had they been hurt.

DO BETTER Braylon!!!


Whut, say you?