Album Review: Black Radio 2-The Robert Glasper Experiment



Music lovers rejoice!

To say that was I was excited when I found out that Robert Glasper would be releasing, Black Radio 2, would be an understatement. I have been anticipating the release of this album since I first found out it was being released. After listening to Black Radio 1, religiously, I knew I was in for a treat with the guest list of artists for Part II.  Mr. Glasper did not disappoint at all with this album. This is what I like to call good ass music!

I take my hat off to Mr. Glasper for pulling all these artists together for such a wonderful album that was probably a hard task. It seems to me the Mr. Glasper is able to pull the best out of each of the artist that is featured on the album, without making them take a complete departure from their normal styles. This album seamlessly weaves together jazz and r&b, without being contrite, much like Black Radio 1.

As always it is hard for me to choose favorite tracks off albums of this caliber, because every song on this album is good in its on way. My top five favorite tracks (in no particular order) on this album are:

  1. What Are We Doing (Featuring Brandy): This track takes be back to first album Brandy. Ms. Norwood’s runs give me chills. It sounds like Glasper told Brandy to cut out all the bullshit, and go in the booth and sprinkle all your fucks on the floor, and let these people know why you’re who you are! And she did just that!
  2. Calls (Featuring Jill Scott): I featured this song as my Song of the Week, a few weeks ago, and for good reason. Jilly from Philly is not to be played with when it comes to vocals and expression. You know you are damn good singer when you can keep repeating the same phrase over and over and the listener never gets tired of it. Jill Scott is one of my favorite female vocalists and she does not disappoint on this song.
  3. Yet To Find (Featuring Anthony Hamilton): Anthony Hamilton is normally hit or miss with me, I either see it for him or I don’t see it for him at all where his songs are concerned. Welp! I see it for him on this song! The piano, lyrics, and Anthony’s gritty and soulful voice make this song for me. Good job Anthony!
  4. Trust (Featuring Marsha Ambrosius): This song right here! Marsha showed the entire f*ck out on this one without even trying the way the song builds to the bridge just does something to my soul! Marsha’s voice is unique, and she is able to some things that just work out for the good of this track. It just flows!
  5. You’re My Everything (Featuring Bilal and Jazmine Sullivan): *tosses phone and head phones out the window* you cannot go wrong with Bilal and Jazmine! This song is like sensory overload but in a good way, between Bilal’s nasal tone and Jazmine Sullivan’s effortless runs I just can’t get enough of this song. Both of these artists are underrated! This is probably my favorite track off the album. I need Jazmine Sullivan to come back because R&B is in desperate need of her!

Robert Glasper has done it again! This album is masterfully put together. If you are a music lover, this album is one that you need to add to your collection. This one of those albums that you can put on at a dinner party and just let it play. There is no need to skip over tracks just let it be.

Final Rating: 5/5





2 thoughts on “Album Review: Black Radio 2-The Robert Glasper Experiment

  • November 4, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    LISTEN TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! You hit the nail on the head with this review… I’ve been waiting to hear your perspective, and I couldn’t agree any more!!!! If I had a top 7, I would add “Jesus Children” and “You Own Me”… Lalah Hathaway is just a skilled vocalist… Her father spit her out… I am a STAN for a tone, and she does it for me… As for Faith, she is so hit or miss for me, like Anthony is for you… She stepped up to the plate and knocked this one out the park… I didn’t know she was still capable… SHe definitely proved my WRONG…

    • November 4, 2013 at 4:05 pm

      It was really hard to choose a top five, and I felt some kind of way leaving Faith and Lalah out. I mulled over picking top five for a while. The whole album is stellar I must catch Robert live when he comes here!! I really liked the Norah Jones track as well


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