Wait..wait…whut!?!:Throwback Song of the Week-Everybody Get Up (Get Up)- Salt-N-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa have receipts for days!

Without these ladies there would be no Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Nicki Minaj, and I could conintue on, but I won’t. This song is from the album, Salt With A Deadly Pepa. 

My favorite part of the song is when Pepa comes in,

I don’t need no introduction, I just bust in
Grab a microphone and then start dustin’
So-called lyricists can never deal with this

Swift-lipped vocalists either and also if
I was a mute, I’d still knock boots
Put up your dukes, troop and I’m-a play ya like a flute
To show you all on me you can’t sleep on
Spinderella, please drop some beats on
This crowd, pump it up loud, gimme a scratch
Okay now it’s time for hell to be raised

As I kick some lyrics on the beats Hurb made
Salt’s at my side with a shotgun
A little action? I just had some
What can I say? The girl don’t play
Gonna skip town on Judgment Day
So don’t just sit there like a poo-putt stupid
The record’s called “Get Up”, I think you better do it

This is a hip hop classic! Enjoy your throwback Thursday!


Whut, say you?