Happy Burfday! Frankie Beverly


Howard Beverly AKA Frankie Beverly is from  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a singer, musician, songwriter, and producer, known primarily for his recordings with the soul and funk band, Maze.

If you haven’t heard the greatness that is Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly then you have been sheltered and misguided. Songs like Before I Let Go, Golden Time of Day, and Happy Feelings are staples at family reunions, picnics, weddings, and homecomings. Please if you have not listened to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly please enrich your mind, body, and soul and GO LISTEN and GET YOUR LESSON!

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly is essential for anyone calling themselves a music lover and ima just say that!

Happy Burfday Frankie Beverly!

Check out one of my favorites below:

Gon ahead you know you want to two-step to this!

Whut, say you?