Jezzy Denies Attack On Son



We reported yesterday that Jeezy had been arrested and charged with assaulting his son. Jeezy has responded to the allegations, Jeezy claims that he was set up by his son’s mother. He contends that Tenesha Dykes(child’s mother) is brainwashing their son so that she can get more money out of him. Jeezy admits he did shove his son to the ground when his son got in his face, but that’s it.

Jeezy’s claim doesn’t too sound far fetched, but like I always say there are three side to every story: his side, her side, and the m*thafuckin truth! We will watch this story and see how it develops. We wish Jezzy the best, hate to see fathers and sons beefing.

Shout out to Harvey from TMZ calling Jeezy “Young Jesus” on the TMZ commercial Really Harvey!?!

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?