SWV Reunited: Episode 1 Recap(In Case You Missed It)



The ladies of SWV are bringing the drama. The first episode of SWV Reunited has come and gone and here is the rundown:

The episode first gives us some background on how SWV rose to stardom and how they ultimately broke up. Then we find out what the ladies have been up to. Taj lives in Memphis, TN with her retired player husband Eddie George and two children. LeLe lives in Atlanta, GA with her two adult children. Coko lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband who is a drummer and her two children. You can imagine how hard it is to coordinate a comeback living in there different states. During Coko’s portion we find out that she has a lump in her breast which could or could not be breast cancer. Coko has opted not to tell the group because she doesn’t feel that they are not really sisters, and she wants to keep her personal business to herself until she is 100% sure.

The ladies are scheduled to perform a sold out show at Wimbley Arena in London, and they are all nervous because this is their first big performance since getting back together. During a rehearsal we meet the group’s manager Cory, who is close friends with Coko. This has caused some discord within the group and rightfully so. Taj brings up the idea of taking a meeting with Jeff Robinson, who has managed Alicia Keys, to possibly be their new manager. The ladies just have to get Coko on board. Meanwhile Coko reveals to her manager that she may have breast cancer, and he is concerned about what this means for SMV.

While in London they stop by the BBC to discuss the comeback, break up, and other topics. The DJ asks them to sing, and Taj gets a case of the giggles, and basically makes the SMV brand look bad. They finally get it together. The ladies give a great show to the sold out audience at Wimbley. After the show the group’s manager Cory decided to critique the show and basically bring the ladies high down. He also drops the bombshell that Coko may have breast cancer to Taj and LeLe, something he was not supposed to do. Taj breaks down and Coko attempts to explain why didn’t want to tell the ladies. This was completely out-of-order on Cory’s part, this information should have come from Coko. Taj and LeLe are of course upset because Coko has kept this information from them.

Coko goes for her biopsy during the episode to find out if the tumor is benign. She is accompanied by her husband and mother to the appointment. She of course is terrified, and has to wait two days for the results. The ladies meet back up after the blow up in Wimbley and Taj brings up Jeff Robinson managing the group again. Coko is hesitant but Taj and LeLe are on board for the meeting. Coko receives the call from her doctor about her biopsy results, and the episode leaves us waiting to next week for the result.

This episode was a great first episode, and looks like this show is a keeper! SMV is a great group from the 90’s and we will be definitely tuning in for the rest of the season.

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?