SMV Reunited Episode 2 Recap(In Case You Missed It)



The ladies of SWV are back in episode 2 of SMV Reunited!

First and foremost! Coko is Cancer free!

Now that we have that praise break out of the way, let’s get right to it! So after Coko finds out she is Cancer free, she decides to treat herself to tummy tuck in order to keep up with the current R&B girls. LeLe also decides to have a Brazilian butt lift. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea you say? Wrong! The ladies have a tour date at S.O.B’s in NYC in two weeks. There is clearly no way to properly recover from major surgery in that short amount of time. Coko & LeLe decide to go through with their surgeries, and also decide to leave Taj and Cory(their manager) in the dark about the whole thing. This is all bad, but hey Queen Bey and Sia said it best, “Pretty Hurts”

Fast forward to after the surgery, Taj and Cory are waiting on Coko and LeLe to arrive for rehearsal. They both arrive looking like who done it, and why? Coko and LeLe reveal to Taj and Cory that they both have had surgery, and of course Taj is not pleased and reacts in her dramatic way(can’t be mad with her), and Cory says he ain’t canceling shit!(our words). This whole plastic surgery idea wasn’t thought out at all. Did they really think they would be recovered enough to perform. Mind you the performance is 5 days away.

The group jet to New York for the concert, and Coko and LeLe arrive in pain after the plain ride. While in NY the group has a meeting with Jeff Robinson about possibly coming on as manager of SWV, without giving Cory the heads up. This right here was shady! While I see why the group may want new management this could have been done in more civilized and less secret manner. The meeting goes off without a hitch, and the ladies decide to take Jeff on as their new manager. Coko works out an agreement for Cory to stay on as road manager(DEMOTION!)

After the meeting we discover that the ladies are obligated to do one more album with the label that put out ” I Missed Us” but they don’t want to do business with the label, because of the way the last album was handled. Their last album was excellent, but not really promoted the way it should have been. There were at least two more singles and videos that could have come from that album. The group meets with the label head, and he is not letting the group out of the deal. They are forced to call their lawyer, who states that it shouldn’t be hard to get them out of the deal.

Performance night arrives in NY. Coko is still in pain and heavily medicated. She has to go on stage with a cane, and she is visibly out of it during the performance. Coko is a trooper, and she digs deep belts out the high notes in “Weak” they pull it off. Now this is where it gets good. The group decides to inform Cory that they have decided to bring on Jeff Robinson as manager, and he has been demoted to road manager(SHADE BUT NO SHADE). Cory is not happy, and rightfully so, and he proceeds to “Queen Out” He knocks the glasses off the table and storms out of the room. Now let’s not  forget that Cory and Coko are “close friends”.

Coko is not feeling the way Cory reacted, and essentially ends their friendship. Keep in mind the group has several upcoming tour dates.  This is not looking good at all. Check back next week!

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