The ladies are once again bringing the drama in epsiode 3 of SMV Reunited

Let’s jump right in! Jeff has set up an interview with Ebony, this is big for SMV. During the interview the ladies discuss how to they plan to reintroduce themselves to the music industry, past issues, and also Coko drops two bombshells during the interview. Bombshell #1: She is planning to work on another gospel album( *side eye*) Bombshell #2: She hasn’t spoken to her 17 yr old son in weeks, and he is missing! Coko again has kept all of this a secret from Taj and LeLe, so they are not really happy about these recent developments. The ladies have another meeting scheduled with Sony Records to discuss a new record deal.

After the revelations in the Ebony interview the energy is thrown for the Sony meeting. Taj and LeLe arrive for the meeting, but Coko is nowhere to be found. Tacky! The Diva finally shows up, and has the nerve to give attitude. At least if you show up late be apologetic and pleasant. Coko’s Diva side is starting to show, and not in a good way. The meeting with Sony goes well, and they seem very interested in moving forward with the group.

True to form to the end, Coko meets with a producer to hear a gospel song, that may be featured on her new gospel project. It’s unclear how this gospel project and SMV reunion  are going to work. Coko did have some success with gospel, but the real money is in getting this SMV project up and running! But Coko is determined to try to do both. We will see how this plays out.

Jeff Robinson,sensing that the group has many unresolved issues, sets up a meeting with a therapist where the ladies can get their issue on the table and remove the negative energy that is suffocating the group . Here is the rundown of the issues:

  • LeLe feels that there is always tension in the between Taj and Coko, and she is always in the middle, and she is tired of it!
  • Coko has a wall up withTaj, because allegedly back when the group was touring in the 90’s Taj was reporting Coko’s bad behavior back to management
  • Taj feels that Coko was a “Nasty Bitch” back when the group was together and kept many things from the group, which posioned the group, but she tried to make it work for the sake of the group.
  • Coko admits that most of the problems in the group came from management being in her ear
  • After the group broke up Taj didn’t want anything to do with the group she changed her name and disappeared, and LeLe was at the point of suicide.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is great start on the way to learning to work as a unit. The ladies hug it out. Later that night Jeff has scheduled  for the group to perform at Gig-It in NY, with a list of big artists. The ladies nail the performance.

Cory and Coko meet up to discuss his “Queen-Out” episode, and he is still not happy about being demoted to road manager.Cory and Coko end on good note, but their issues are far from resolved. Cory agrees to meet with Jeff Robinson so that they can discuss their working relationship. The meeting starts out very tense, but Jeff relieves the tension with a joke about the swords on his desk, and all is good! It’s full steam ahead for this SMV project!

Taj’s husband Eddie George is in NY for her birthday, and he plans a surprise party. During the party he drops the bombshell that he has an opportunity that may result in their family having to relocate from TN to NY, and Taj is really not happy about uprooting her family to move to NY. This is getting good! Check back next week for another recap.

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