SMV Reunited Episode 4 Recap(In Case You Missed It)


In the newest installment of SMV Renuited, we find the women embarking a road trip to Atlanta, GA for a performance. During the bus ride the women discuss groupies and their time on the road back in 90′s. The most touching moment was when Coko and LeLe talk about how they wish they would have resolved their issues back in the day. Taj reveals that she was in an abusive relationship. Coko also reveals that she is still troubled that her 17-year-old son has disappeared and has pending legal issues. The women arrive in Atlanta. Taj discovers that she has been featured on a blog in a story about her husband “allegedly” being unfaithful. Taj explains the situation and says the story is false, but she is still bothered. She calls her husband to discuss it, but he basically tells her to ignore it. We find out that Taj has a little ratchet in her when she speaks about the blogger. She will whoop a b*tch’s ass! Who knew? LOL Taj and LeLe meet at the hotel pool to decompress and relax before an upcoming writing session with writer/producer/singer Sean Garret. Coko opts not to join the women poolside. According to LeLe and Taj Coko used to wild back in the day, and she also will also whoop a b*tch’s ass! So I guess all the women are a little ratchet, and I like it! While at the pool LeLe questions Taj’s husband’s fidelity, and Taj is caught off guard. She is not happy with this line of questioning from LeLe. While Taj and LeLe are at the pool Coko video chats with her husband about her son, and his upcoming court date. Coko’s son still is nowhere to be found. Coko decides that she will be in court to support her son no matter what, as any mother would. LeLe and Taj at some point in time while poolside decide to get massage, and on the way back to their rooms they encounter Cory(Demoted One) and he questions them about what they have been up to. Cory and Taj get into it, and Cory tells Taj she really needs to be focused on writing because she is the group member with the least number of singing parts(READ!) Taj and LeLe are not happy about Cory hitting below the belt, and they pretty much walk off. I have to give it to Cory that was a GOOD ONE! I fell off the couch laughing. Cory you get 10′s for that one! The women have a cover shoot for Black Woman Today, and a stylist arrives to get the women ready for the shoot. Coko is resistant to some of the options the stylist has chosen for her to wear as she feels it would be frowned upon in the gospel community *Yawns* I said it once and I will say it again Coko, you had some success with the gospel thing, but it would BEHOOVE you to get on this SWV ship,and quit playin wit us! Clothing choices are made, and the shoot goes off without a hitch. Apparently Taj is still bothered by the story that was featured on the blog and has done some digging. She obtains the blogger phone number and calls to confront the blogger. This has to be dumbest idea EVER! You can bet you bottom dollar that if the blogger is any good, the phone conversation was taped, and the conversation will be featured on their blog. This will give the blog more hits and add more fuel to the affair rumor fire. Later in the night Taj and LeLe are ready to hit the strip club. They try to convince Coko to join them, but she wants no part of the strip. BORING! Taj and LeLe hit the iconic strip club Magic City in Atlanta, and they have a ball! Taj even shows her skills on the pole while at the club. On the day of the performance Taj’s husband FaceTime’s her, and to her surprise he has rearranged his schedule to surprise her in Atlanta and smooth over the whole blog situation with her. Meanwhile Coko gets a call from her husband and he tells Coko their son’s court date, and wouldn’t you know it’s on the same day as a scheduled SMV performance. Coko makes the decision the go support her son, which I applaud. The problem with this is, Coko has poor communication skills with her group members. Instead of her just going to the other group members and telling them the situation she once again chooses to withhold this info. The women arrive at Taboo 2 in Atlanta. They meet and greet fans and friends. The women hit the stage and run through most of their hits. All in all it was a good showing for them. LeLe even brings out her son ,who is an aspiring rapper, to perform. After the performance Coko informs LeLe and Taj that she can’t make their scheduled performance in Memphis, TN. She fails to tell her group members the reason she has to cancel. This of course causes friction. Coko finally tells her group members the reason for the cancellation. The conversation would have gone a lot better if Coko would have led off with her son having a court date. Diva Coko still hasn’t learned to communicate with her group members, and this is destined to ruin the groups comeback. See you all next week for a new episode!

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  • February 10, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    SMV Reunited Episode 4 Recap(In Case You Missed It)…. we didn’t miss it, we just don’t care about SUV.


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