New Music-Music Speaks(Album Snippets)-Candice Glover


Season 12 American Idol Candic Glover has  given her fans a treat with snippets from the her upcoming album album, Music Speaks, which is due out on February 18.  The snippets are 90 minutes. Snippets of albums never really give me a good feel for songs, I will definitely have to wait for the full version of the songs before registering my opinion of the album, it’s only fair.

I will say from what I hear there are far too may slow temp songs on the album and it sounds a little too mature for Candice, but hey who am I? I want Candice to win, she has amazing voice, but her handlers have her sounding way too mature for her age. I am sure the album will be good and the first stop on Candice’s journey to try and figure out her sound and her audience.

Check Out The Snippets HERE

Whut say you?



Whut, say you?