SMV Reunited Episode 5 Recap(In Case You Missed It)


The women of SWV are back bringing the drama in episode 5. First there are three different version as to why the group broke up according to Coko, LeLe, and Taj. They agree the main reason for the break-up is they didn’t communicate and there were a lot of people in their ears.  Coko’s son is facing vandalism charges, and she is back home to attend to that. Meanwhile Taj and LeLe are on the tour bus en route to Memphis, TN, during the bus ride they discuss Coko and also they discuss LeLe dating a younger man. They arrive in Memphis and Taj has agreed to host LeLe at her house.

Taj, LeLe, and Cory(Demoted One) meet for lunch and try to find out what exactly is going on with Coko, because she hasn’t returned anyone’s text or phones calls. Cory basically tells them that if  they don’t show up in DC for their concert they can be sued. Taj and LeLe are not happy about this, because the next moves depends on Coko.

Back in Virginia Coko is attending to her son’s legal drama and she stops by the studio where her mom is recording her gospel album. While visiting she previews the gospel track that she heard while in NY on a previous episode. Both her husband and her mom love the track. Coko and her mom sit down to talk, and mom reveals that she wants Coko to leave SMV and do strictly gospel. Coko’s mom feels that Coko has been called to do gospel *yawns* Coko doesn’t know what she is going to do.

Back in Memphis, Taj and her husband go a double with LeLe and her 28-year-old friend. How these two connected is beyond me, and I can’t say anything nice about his blazer. The couples go to some local Memphis night life spots. At one of the bars LeLe climbs up on the bar to dance. She is so ratchet, but I love that about her, she does not put on airs. The night ends well

Back in VA Jazz(Coko’s son) finally returns after being missing for weeks and it is the day before his court date. Coko is relieved to say the least. The next day the family goes to court, and Jazz is given 50 hr community service and has to pay an undetermined amount of restitution. The judge tells Jazz that he doesn’t  want to see him back in court for anything. If Jazz doesn’t shape up he could end up in juvy or worst real jail when he turns 18(he is 17).

After court the family is back at that house and Taj and LeLe visit to show Coko support. The group reminisces about the groups past achievements and past looks, this was a great moment. Since Coko’s son’s legal drama has been squared away Taj and LeLe want to know is Coko ready to go back on tour because they have a concert at the historic Howard Theater in DC. Coko hesitates but decides to go back out on the road. Everyone is ecstatic. After Taj and LeLe leave Coko’s mom attempts to run a guilt trip on Coko, and she doesn’t fall for it, but she still isn’t 100% committed to SMV.

In DC the group visits and XM Radio station, where they do a throwback to the 90’s segment, they have a ball doing the show, and it seems like they are finally getting on the same page. Later at the theater the group has a disastrous sound check, they just can’t get the sound right, but they push through. Later that night the concert goes off without a hitch, the audience is feeling SMV, the concert is awesome! Backstage the ladies get a call that Sony want to move forward with a label deal everyone is excited, but that is short-lived because Coko brings up doing another gospel album *side-eye* Taj and LeLe are not happy at all about because they know when Coko does gospel she basically leaves the group out on limb. Taj and LeLe give Coko an ultimatum: Gospel or SMV?

This whole gospel album thing is great, I love gospel music, but for Coko to commit to an SMV reunion and then decide to do a gospel album in the middle makes absolutely no sense at all. The smart idea would be for the group to go ahead and craft an awesome SMV album, tour with that album, and during the down time after the tour Coko could focus on her gospel career. Let’s hope the women get it together. Check back week for the recap of the season final of SMV Reunited

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?