New Music: Make Her Say (Beat It Up)-Estelle


Estelle Wants You To Turn Her Cherry Out! Estelle is back with a sexy and dare I say raunchy song! I like it! The song is titled Make Her Say(Beat It Up), the beat on this song is infectious. I guess Queen Bey has kicked the door open for women to express themselves in 2014!

On first listen I was taken aback because I never heard Estelle talk her shit quite like this, but this right here knocks! This will be added to the twerk tune playlist STAT! Come on Estelle channel your inner Millie Jackson!

Whut say you?


2 thoughts on “New Music: Make Her Say (Beat It Up)-Estelle

  • February 19, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Full disclosure: I have not heard the song. Now that that’s out of the way….everyone knows reality_check goes in for Estelle! With that said, I am disappointed in this direction she is taking, if this is truly a re-branding campaign. It is sad when true artists are pressured to whore themselves for a dollar or two…. *million* One thing I will agree with you on is that your queen seems to be aggressively advancing and promoting this agenda of complete and utter filth and perversion. I’m befuddled…..I wonder why that is? Oh wait! I do know 😉 Anyway, this isn’t a good look for anyone over 30.

    Side note: I do like the pic though.


    • February 19, 2014 at 11:48 am

      And that’s why there is a comments section so people like you can give their opinion. Take a listen to the song since you go in for Estelle! Let us know what you think of that too.


Whut, say you?