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I remember the first time I heard Daley, I honestly thought Marsha Ambrosius sang Alone Together by herself. It was kind of like when I discovered there was no female in the group After 7.  To my surprise Alone Together was actually by British singer Daley and it only featured Marsha. Suffice to say Alone Together was in heavy rotation on my Spotify/iPod.  Upon further exploration I discovered that Mr. Daley had released a shit load of other music: Those Who Wait(Album) & Alone Together(EP) both in 2012 and then hit us again with Songs That Remind Me of You(EP) in 2103. All of which I loved! The only thing left to do was to release a full length album here in the states. Welp! Ladies and gentlemen we have Daley’s full length album, Days & Nights, released last Tuesday.

Daley opens the album with the futuristic Time Travel,and when I tell you his voice floats on this song. So much so that I had to make  it the Song of the Week here at This track is very mellow and the synthesizer does something to my soul. This would have to be favorite track off the album. As if the opening track wasn’t enough then Daley slides into Look Up, which is another slow soulful song on which Daley sings about not being able to leave a relationship that clearly is not working,but something keeps you there. Ya’ll been there, I know!  The song was written by Pharrell Williams & Daley, and it’s safe to safe that Daley and Pharrell make a good combo, this is another favorite. Next up is Blame The World, and Daley goes all the way in on this song, and he is letting a former flame have it and basically tells her it’s over now, and now you want to blame everybody but yourself for the break up. Yep we all been there, the subject matter on this album is already deep and we only three tracks in! This song is another favorite.

On the next track Good News, Daley gets introspective, this song kind of puts me in the mind of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On or Inner City Blues,but for 2014. He sings about trying to find the good in all the bad news and the happenings of the world. I like this one as well. Up next is Love and Affection, and with lyrics like, “I’m not in love, but I’m open to persuasion,” you know Daley is not playing any games. On the song he ponders why he can’t find love and affection, this is a good ass question!*scratches chin* On Be,which is about the awkwardness of meeting up with a former flame, when Daley says,” If we run out of things to say I promise I won’t make you feel bad,We’ll just roll the windows down,We’ll drive around this town and be, be, yeah,” and I was sold on this song. Daley is singing about some real shit on this song!  Folks we are only 6 tracks in and I can’t say that I dislike any of them.

The next song, Alone Together features Marsha Ambrosius, and y’all already know how I feel about this one! I will say Marsha and Daley mesh well on this track! Pass It On, is an up-tempo track, I can’t say I dislike it, but Daley shines on slower tracks. I don’t hate it though. Broken, is another standout track from the album, when Daley says, “That’s why I’m never gonna love this way again I’m never gonna give my heart again Cause every time I try I end up broken,” he said a GOTDAMN mouth full right there! This one line took me out literally! FATALITY *Mortal Kombat Voice*

On, She Fades, Daley gets introspective again, when he sings about the plight of woman who is lost, this one was very thought-provoking and soul-stirring song. Love Somebody, speaks to the basic human need to be loved. With lyrics like, “It’s sad but it is true, you put your own head in a noose when you love somebody.”  WOW!!!! is all I can say about this one here! This song definitely another favorite of mine. The album closes with the title track, Days & Nights, which is a great way to close out the album.

With this album Daley is able to give us a lyrical quality that many of his counterparts are unable to achieve,  and he does it without being repetitious. Daley covered a lot of territory with this album, and I must say it feels genuine, and not trite. These songs sound like Daley actually sat down and put his true feelings on paper. I am happy that he didn’t give in to the corporate machine, and do songs that would play on the radio. Daley soars with this album. He is most definitely an artist to watch! He is going places. This album is a must have if you’re a music lover. If you listen to songs not just for the beat, but for the lyrics, then you must get this album! I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Final Rating:5/5

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