Keyshia Cole Snaps On Atlanta Radio Personality Wanda Smith


So… I am making my morning commute to work listening to the Ryan Cameron morning show and I find out Keyshia Coleslaw(Cole) has snapped on Wanda Smith during a phone interview. Now Wanda Smith does wear me thin with her loud laugh and her lack of  subject and verb agreement, but hey that is neither here nor there. Anyway Ryan Cameron apparently DM’ed Keyshia Cole on Twitter, and she called into the radio station. The interview was going as good as can be expected(because it is no secret that Keyshia skipped Media Training 101), that is until Wanda Smith asked Keyshia, if she was “Wifey” material. Now this could be perceived as a jab upon first listen, but before Wanda could complete her question Cole went off hood mouse style!

Now I will say Wanda could have worded the question a bit differently, but Keyshia didn’t have to pop off  in the manner that she did knowing radio stations push buttons to garner ratings. I think Wanda was trying to say, “Do you think the fact that your career was in high gear during the time you got married contributed to the demise of your marriage?” But again this is where Media Training 101 would have come in handy for Keyshia she could have used this opportunity to get in front of the story and get her truth out. She had to know questions like this would be asked seeing as how she has been leaving subliminal messages on her Instagram Page recently. The only good thing that I can garner from this interview is that Keyshia has re-hired her former manager Mannie Halle, so I guess that is a good thing! Clearly better than this Rick James song featuring Juicy J that was played on the radio this morning. DO BETTER Coleslaw.

Check Out The Interview HERE


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