Drake Kinda Replies To Jay-Z’s Diss




Aubrey AKA Drake has kinda responded to Jay-Z, We Made It(Remix) jab, on his new song, Draft Day. What’s hip hop without a little  friendly competition?

Aubrey had this to say about being called, “Mrs Drizzy”,

“I’m focused on makin’ records and gettin’ bigger
Just hits, no misses (Mrs.), that’s for the married folk”

He also had this to say,

“Tell ‘em fix my suite up cause I’m comin’ home
I heard he talkin’ crazy, I was out-of-town
You know they love to pop all that sh-t when I’m not around
But when I’m here, not a sound
That’ll make me snap, jot it down
Go in the booth and lay a body down”

I guess that not replying thing doesn’t apply here. When Jay-Z calls you out, you reply. This a nice little back and forth. Aubrey must have felt some  remorseful after his “art” quote because he had this to say as well,

“I think I’m on my eighth flow, just watch me paint flow
We all do it for the art so I can never hate though”

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2 thoughts on “Drake Kinda Replies To Jay-Z’s Diss

  • April 3, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    nothing to see here folks…I think the steam has just about run out of this little “beef”


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