So on this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has come and gone and we are here to give you the CliffsNotes, if you don’t want to lose brain cells watching it. We got you covered!

  • Steven Jordan and Jose decided to hold off on their wedding, and discuss firing booking agent Dawn,
  • Kaleena from Diddy’s Dirty Money shows up from the career crypt (Mona leaves no stone unturned)
  • Carmen(Jose’s booking agent) is out for blood because she has been unceremoniously fired by Jose and she  meets with Mimi to hatch a plan
  • Bambi has a miscarriage
  • Tammy and Waka Flocka talk over clothes folding( They are going to need to turn it up, if they plan on making it to next season)
  • Kirk attempts to hire some “YAMP” he met at the bar to be his son’s nanny(he is clearly having a midlife crisis, and doing this all for TV)
  • Mama Dee stops by to offer Bambi some comfort after her miscarriage, she brings soup(NO AND THANK YOU!) She also reveals that she had a miscarriage too!
  • Steven Jordan and The Hunch Back of Notre Dame AKA Benzino have lunch, and Zino offers SJ a piece of Hip Hop Weekly, because  the issue featuring  SJ and Jose “marriage” is one of the best-selling issues.(Hip Hop Weekly=Fake Ass Source Magazine)
  • Prehistoric Vagina AKA Karlie Redd meets with Joc for dinner and tries to win him back after their blow up last week, and this “YAMP” proceeds to suck Joc’s finger at the table in a restaurant!(*side-eye*) S/N: We love Joc’s sarcasm he is a man of our own heart!
  • Dawn(Jose’s fired booking agent) meets with Steven Jordan and basically aired him out for the fraud he is. As if we didn’t already know that! This was comical!
  • Waka and Tammy have dinner at Auntie Deb(Deb Atney) and they share an emotional moment(let’s all have a collective awwwww)
  • Kirk actually goes through with bringing the “YAMP” he met at the bar to be interviewed for the nanny position. Rasheeda arrives, and really doesn’t react in the way we think she should have, especially after the “YAMP” tells her what ” the impression” she was under about Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage. Rasheeda should have dog-walked Kirk and the “Yamp”
  • After sucking Joc’s finger and probably other things, all seems to be well with Prehistoric Vagina and Joc. So he takes her to the house he is planning to purchase for them. Joc’s assistant(side-b*tch) is the real estate agent showing the property. Prehistoric Vagina is instantly convinced that Joc is sleeping with his assistant. So of course Mona has Joc leave the room “conveniently” to check out the sound system and PV flat-out ask if the assistant is sleeping with Joc? Of course we all know the answer,YEP!, and the women start tussling

We covered the main points, I am sure if we missed anything it really wasn’t that interesting anyway. Come back next week for our recap

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?