New Music:Bulls#!t-Day 26


Now y’all know Day 26 couldn’t let Danity Kane reunite without reuniting. We think both groups have contractual obligations to fulfill with Bad Boy Records, y’all know Diddy don’t play about his coins!

We do miss the drama that was MTV’s Making the Band with Day 26 and Danity Kane. There were so many epic bitch fits on the show especially from Que, and guess what he is back in the group so you all can imagine the drama that is ensuing behind the scenes of this reunion, lol!

The guys from Day 26 are back with a new song titled, Bulls#!t, and it doesn’t stray far from Day 26’s normal formula. It’s a mid-tempo song that the guys sing about “girl” problems. We don’t hate it, but we weren’t dropping bombs like Funk Flex either but hey it’ll do! We are interested to see what this new album will sound like.

Check It Out HERE

S/N: We are still trying to figure out how Donnie Klang got a solo deal *side-eye*

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?