New Music: Hope-Jagged Edge


Jagged Edge is back with new music!

J.E. has gone and released a new song titled, Hope, it comes from their upcoming album titled J.E. Heartbreak Too which is due for release in the fall. This upcoming album is the sequel to their classic J.E. Heartbreak album, we are not sure how we feel about trying to recreate the magic of a classic album. This is a daunting task, it didn’t work for Mary J. Blige with My Life II, sometimes we need to leave well enough alone. Just name the album something else and keep it moving.

It is good to see J.E. back putting out new music, they are one of my favorite male R&B groups. We are very interested to hear this new album, which is going to be executive produced by Jermaine Dupri. We like the ballad, and it doesn’t stray far from their normal formula. Well until the album drops check out the new song.


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