Another episode in the can, and it didn’t disappoint! We are here to provide CliffsNotes to guide you along this ratchet road. Let’s jump right in:

  • Steven Jordan, Jose, Hunch Back of Notre Dame, and Althea take a walk through of their nightclub Sleezy and Zino’s, and we finally figured out how who the hell Althea is, she is that singer that used to be signed to Foxy Brown’s now defunct Ill Na Na Entertainment  record label.
  • Kirk and Rasheeda take Baby Carter to the Dr. Kirk is not happy about Sheeda’s upcoming girls trip, but just last season he was in the hot tub wit a gang of THOT’s, and now he doesn’t want her to go. So at the doctor’s office Kirk asks the physician if it is ok to kiss Baby Carter in the mouth, and of course she says no! He couldn’t wait to ask that in regards to Rasheeda’s mama kissing the baby in the mouth.
  • There was a somber scene over at Auntie Deb’s house after it is revealed that  her son committed suicide due to the fact that he was losing his eye sight and internet bullying, this was really sad scene. We love Auntie Deb she honestly needs her own show!
  • Yung Joc has a listening party at Aurum, and during the party Kirk and Prehistoric Vagina AKA Karlie Red chat about Hunch Back of Notre Dame. PV seems to still have feelings for HBND. S/N: Yung Joc is the only person on the show utilizing this platform to further his music career. Where are Scrappy’s, Jose’s, and PV’s  songs at!(not that we would listen)
  • Booga Suga AKA Mama Dee meets with Scrappy to discuss the drama with “The Bambi” and ” The Pinket”. Booga Suga is far to0 involved in Scrappy’s personal life, and he will never have a successful relationship as a result of this.
  • Sleezy and Zino’s grand opening is marred with drama when PV and Althea, whom we will call HoThea from now on(Jose’s words not ours), get into a fight. PV is escorted out  the club, and Erica, who is currently grasping for a story line inserts herself into the fight, ma’am why?
  • “The Bambi” and Scrappy meet and essentially break-up their so called “relationship” because Booga Suga is too involved in Scrappy’s personal life. Scrappy wants to make everyone his friend!
  • Mimi and Ice Age AKA Nikko celebrate their introduction into the adult entertainment industry (anniversary party), and Mimi is still going with this story of the sex tape being leaked. Someone please get her a brain or let her in the joke because we are no buying this story.
  • Aunite Deb visits a local radio station to talk about her charity, NO R.I.P, which fight against internet negativity and also to discuss her sons suicide. This was another emotional scene, and again WE LOVE Auntie Deb!
  • Steven Jordan and Jose meet to discuss their relationship(fake marriage)Jose has apparently found nude photos of other women in SJ’s phone and he is not happy about it at all! They argue and SJ decides to get his own spot. So I guess that means no fake wedding after all.

Welp! That’s our CliffNotes for this week, if we missed something we probably weren’t entertained by it, therefore we didn’t bother mentioning it.  Check back next week for our CliffsNotes after the episode.

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?