Album Review: Sing Pray Love Vol.1: Sing-Kelly Price


The release of Kelly “I’m Booked” Price’s album damn near slipped past us, but luckily we discovered it had been released. After Kelly’s self titled last album, she had a lot to live up to with this new release. We can play her last album from beginning to end without skipping a track. Judging from the title of this album there will be more installments to follow. This installment doesn’t disappoint!

Kelly opens the album with the soul-stirring, Sing Pray Love Interludeshe took us to church with this interlude. She then slides into the lead single, It’s My Time, which is an uptempo empowerment anthem that we love. The mid-temp0, Back 2 Love,features American Idol Ruben Studdard. Kelly and Ruben’s voices compliment each other on this track we like this one, but it is not a favorite of ours. The 14this a ballad on which Kelly sings about the night before leaving a bad relationship, we don’t hate it, but it is not our favorite.

Think Again(Shep’s Sermon) is another slow jam, we absolutely love. When Kelly sings, “I’d rather be alone than sometimes smiling…” she took us in! This is one of our favorites off the album. Last Nightis another slow one on which Kelly has second thoughts about hurtful things she said to her man, and Kelly is begging and belting on this song. This is another one of our favorites. On the next track Kelly does something that we normally don’t encourage. What? You ask, she covers Chaka Khan’s Through The Fire, and we must say that she did a great job. It is hard to cover a Chaka Khan song, but if anybody should do it, we would choose Kelly!

Neva Been Scared, is a midtempo, we like it but it is not one of our favorites. Conversations with HER features Algebra Blessett, and if you didn’t know we love Algebra! This song gives us Friend of Mind for 2014, both Kelly and Algebra shine on this song. This song is probably one of our favorites from the album, and the ending is EPIC, we won’t give it away. Our Loveis another uptempo, we really didn’t like this one too much. On, Metamorphosis, Kelly gives us a Nancy Wilson/Ella Fitzgerald kinda feel with this jazzy song, about changing and growing. We love this song, and it was a great way to close out the album.

Kelly Price always manages to deliver a solid body of work, she rarely lets us down when it come to her albums, and this one is no different. Her last album, Kelly, was a tough act to follow, but she did good with this album. Kelly is an artist that sings from her soul, and you can feel her pain and joy through her songs. If you’re not giving your audience goose bumps when you sing you’re not doing your job! If your songs don’t make people say,”yes I can relate,” you’re not doing your job! If your songs don’t make people feel good or get people through rough patches in life you’re not doing your job! Kelly did her job with this album!

Final Rating 4/5

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?