It’s a new week and another episode of the f*ckery that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and we are here to give you CliffsNotes to help you navigate the ratchetness.

✔️Rasheeda and her “friends for the show” Kaleena and Prehistoric Vagina leave for their girls trip to New Orleans and Kirk is not happy. But Rasheeda is ready to turn up!

✔️Erica and Ariane meet for lunch to discuss Erica’s situation with O’Shea “The Model” Erica is tired of footing the bill and sliding her Bank of America Card debit card to pay for everything, but she knew “The Model” was broke in the beginning so don’t complain now!

✔️Steven Jordan attempts to make amends with Jose after she disovered “dirty booty hole pictures”(her words not ours) in his phone. SJ went and used the good Dawn dish detergent to fill up the tub with bubbles in their rented home. Jose tries to pretend that he is not here for the BS, but he climbs his ass in the tub! All is well in the Jordan House

✔️Mimi(The delusional porn star) and Ice Age have an argument about Ice Age’s dealings with HoThea. Mimi wants to know if there is anything still there, and to that we say of course there is you big dummy!

✔️Kirk struggles with daddy duty with Baby Carter, not sure why this is an issue he has a gang of children, a small tribe if you will!

✔️ Hunch Back of Notre Dame and Steven Jordan meet to discuss Prehistoric Vagina’s latest antics. Apparently she “allegedly” photoshopped HBND’s PayNis to make it smaller and Picsitched with a picture of Yung Joc PayNis and posted it on Instagram(typical THOT behavior)

✔️Back at the Frost house, Rasheeda’s mom has come over to help Kirk with the kids and he let’s it slip that he had a DNA test done on Baby Carter, and of course Mama calls Rasheeda to relay this to her in NO.

✔️Erica and Scrappy meet at Golden Coral to trade stories on their failed relationships. These two just need to get back together.

✔️Mimi(The delusional porn star)finds lips stick one of Ice Age’s shirts. She confronts and kicks him out and as he is leaving she asks him if he leaked the tape? Hey says no but to this we say, “Yes you big dummy!” Mimi has to be the only one who believes that lost luggage story. Someone call the wizard because she is in desperate need of a brain!
✔️Apparently O’Shea “The Model” was not happy about Erica and Scrappy’s dinner at Golden Coral so he packs his raggedy duffle bag and leaves. Thing is this young dummy’s gas tank is on “E” and he has to end up calling Erica. She shows up at some random railroad track in the city and they argue. It sucks when you f*ck up a dramatic exit! Hopefully the Instagram Agency of Modeling will find him some jobs so he can get back on his feet.
✔️Steven Jordan and Jose meet at a museum to discuss Jose’s next single *yawn*
✔️After getting word of the DNA test Rasheeda vows not to let it ruin her trip and she turns up at the club (Mona we peeped that Myxx Moscato) and as the ladies are coming back from the club Kirk appears outta the darkness to do damage control. Rasheeda cries , Kirk half ass apologizes, Rasheeds cries, and they put their rings back on. Now everyone in the A knows that this whole marital problem thing is strictly for TV. We didn’t for one second believe Rasheeda and Kirk were going to divorce.

Well folks I think that about covers it. If we missed something it probably wasn’t entertaining to us, but of course let us know in the comments section. Until next week!

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?