Well another episode in the can and we are here to cut the fat off and give you the meat of the ratchetness that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Well let’s not waste time we’ll dive right in:

  • Jose visits HoThea at the studio to chat and give her some advice about her relationship with Hunch Back of Notre(Benzino) and also throw a little shade. We find it funny that Jose is providing relationship advice and his relationship is manufactured.
  • Kaleena and Prehistoric Vagina(Karlie) meet in Norcross, GA of all places at a mattress store. Mona is definitely running out of places to film in Atlanta. During this scene we discover Kaleena swims in the lady pond. We got the lesbian vibe from her, but now we no longer have to wonder because she confirmed it. We also discover that Kelenna and her husband share girls.
  • The fake marital problems Kirk and Rasheeda were having are not miraculously over. We didn’t believe it anyway! They agree to work on their family and mending fences between Kirk and Rasheeda’s mom. Nothing to see her folks, wonder what is next for these two as far as storyline is concerned.
  • Delusional Porn Star(Mimi) meets with her manager and Ice Age(Nekko) to discuss the sex tape release. She is still rocking with this story Ice Age is feeding her. Someone please locate her brain because she can’t be this stupid!
  • Keleena and her husband discuss K’s girlfriend Ashley coming in town, and husband is not happy because apparently Ashley likes to turn up and that will distract  Kaleena from working on her album(we don’t see a solo project for her someone find Diddy and Dawn and lets get the group back together)
  • Jose and Steven Jordan are in the studio working on a song *side-eye* they discuss a showcase and also Jose wants to know if SJ smashed HoThea, and of course denies it.
  • Rasheeda and HoThea meet for lunch to discuss the relationship with Hunch Back of Notre(Benzino). We find out HoThea gets around the industry and apparently was a video girl. Rasheeda advises HoThea to tell Benzino about her dealing with Steven Jordan. Benzino just wants a life partner and deez hoes won’t let him be great!
  • Ariane and Mimi discuss this whole sex tape drama. Mimi has to be the only one that still believes Ice Age didn’t leak this tape. Mimi basically shows us who she is when she says, “I like what I like!” In the words of the late great Maya Angelou, “When some shows you who they are believe them”  So if she doesn’t have problem with looking like a BIG DUMMY on national television then why should we care. We’ll just continue to be entertained by her stupidity.
  • Jose and SJ audition dancers this “showcase” not sure what they are showcasing, but hey that’s none of our business
  • Ariane confronts Ice Age about the sex tape, he denies leaking it, which we all know is a lie, except for Mimi of course
  • Kelenna’s boo Ashley shows up in ATL to turn-up
  • HoThea plans and romantic evening for Benzino to come clean about sleeping with Steven Jordan, it doesn’t go well! Poor Benzino cannot win for losing, but that is what happens when you wife people off Twitter. Apparently no one made Benzino aware that The Army doesn’t have the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, but again that’s none of our business.
  • Kaleena informs her husband that the threesome action that he thought would be occurring is a NO GO! This moment was rather embarrassing for him. Apparently the homies can’t have none LOL!
  • Sadly we find out that Benzino’s mom has passed. Our prayers go out to him during this rough time. Steven Jordan goes to Boston to be with Benzino

This weeks episode wasn’t that eventful, and honestly we are feeling like production is running out of stories to make up. We honestly feel it is time to move onto another city and let these people get back to their normal lives, because they are grasping for straws. But we will keep watching and providing commentary as long as Mona keeps pimping these poor folks. See you back next week for the CliffsNotes.

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  • June 27, 2014 at 1:50 am

    Why is Erica’s make-up never quite right. Like Luther’s curl (R.I.P. of course). Shade free.


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