Another episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has come and gone. Now it’s time to cut the fat and get to the meat. Welp! Here we go!

  • Erica(grasping for storyline) and Prehistoric Vagina(Karlie Redd) meet at the nail salon and discuss O’Shea “The Model(Instagram)”. Erica is done with O’Shae and down swiping her good Bank of America card to foot the bill. They also discuss HoThea loving the crew, namely Steven Jordan, and Karlie has proclaimed that she is going to tell Jose(Joseline) all about it under the guise of being friends.
  • Kirk, Rasheeda, and Mom go out to try to work out their differences. Kirk is still mad about his bike  and Rasheeda’s mom is mad about how Kirk has treated Rasheeda. Mom comes up with the idea of an “Apology Party” I swear these reality TV coons always coming up with new type of parties. The F*ck is an “Apology Party”? Kirk agrees to do it if it will get mom off his back.
  • Prehistoric Vagina meets with Jose and reveals that HoThea slept with Steven Jordan. Jose is not happy about this all and he wants to beat HoThea and SJ collective asses. Honestly I think he would steamroll both, if you recall from season 1 one when he got to scrapping she was on her WWE. SO Steven Jordan take cover.
  • Over at Auntie Deb’s house, Deb has decided to scale back Tammy and Waka’s wedding, after her son’s suicide. She has a change of heart and she wants it to be an intimate affair. Tami is relieved.
  • While is Boston, Benzino is shot while on the way to his mother’s funeral, if that ain’t f*cked up I don’t know what is? Your going to say your final goodbye to your mom and someone is trying to send you on to glory with her. Poor Zino can’t win for losing.  After the whole ordeal he has an epiphany about his relationship with HoThea. He is willing to forget about HoThea sleeping with SJ and stop arguing and move forward with HoThea. Funny how getting shot will have you accessing sh*t in a totally different way
  • Ice Age(Nekko) goes to Mimi’s(Delusional Porn Star) house to preview the trailer of their porn movie, which by the way was better than the movie as a whole. Mimi pretends to be applauded and disgusted, while Ice Age is ecstatic about his new career as a porn star. Mimi goes into the song and dance about how she has a daughter and blah, blah, blah! Seems to me if she was so concerned about her daughter she would have made sure she had the one and only copy of the tape in her possession, but hey that’s just common damn sense, which isn’t on this show.
  • Tammy and Waka meet for dinner and Waka decided he doesn’t want a big wedding. He decides he wants to go to the court-house and get married. Waka seems to be very laid back and down to earth. Waka and Tammy are really not a good fit for this show as they are not ratchet enough. I would much rather see them on their own show with Auntie Deb, something along the lines of T.I. and The Family Hustle. They aren’t going to make it to the next season, honestly at the rate the show is going I’m not sure if the show is going to make it another season.
  • Joc, Kirk, and Scrappy meet to have guys talk, and help Scrappy with his women issues. It’s clear that Scrappy doesn’t function well alone, and this is because Booga Suga(Mama Dee) has crippled him. Scrappy wants to get back with “The Bambi”. Kirk advises him to cut out all his “friends” namely “The Pinkett” if he wants to be with “The Bambi”. Now we all know that Scrappy is not about to do that, if he did that then he too wouldn’t have a storyline just like Erica.
  • Steven Jordan stops by to check on Benzino and he claims that he did not sleep with HoThea, which I clearly do not believe. Benzino is ready to move past it all, he just wants a life partner and DEEZ HOES, won’t let him be great. Y’all let that man be great especially after getting shot by his cousin at his mother’s funeral.
  • Scrappy on his quest to get “The Bambi” back shows up at her house with a dog in hopes that she will change her mind, and you guessed it she does. She most likely went in the house and dropped down and got her eagle on his Scrappy paynis, and all is well in “The Kingdom”
  • Steven Jordan arrives back in Atlanta and stops by Jose’s rehearsal for her “Showcase” and Jose is not happy and she too doesn’t believe that SJ didn’t stick his beefcake in HoThea. Jose is vexed and ready to call off the whole fake marriage.

This weeks episode wasn’t eventful  at all. It is clear that this production has run its course. That is apparent because most  of the places that filming takes place is outside of Atlanta. These business establishments don’t have time for the coon sh*t that comes with this show. Mona *taps shoulder* it is time to move on to another city, Atlanta is done. If I missed something it probably wasn’t entertaining to me or worth wasting my keystrokes. See you next week for cliffsnotes.

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?