Beyoncé’s Dad(Matthew Knowles) To Teach A Course On Entertainment Industry


“Oh…the way we were…”

Matthew Knowles(Beyoncé’s Dad) is said to be teaching a course on the entertainment industry. To this I say, who better to do it than Papa Knowles? Sex education, not so much, but this is genius! Matthew was integral in the success of his daughter.

The course will be offered at Houston Community College in Houston, Texas. The course on the fall syllabus is called “The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?” A press release describes it as “a day-long intensive boot camp” taking place on September 13th.

So all you aspiring entertainers may want to sign up, and get your lesson. Hopefully he gives a disclaimer at the beginning of class. Something to the effect of, “Results may vary don’t expect to be the next Beyoncé,” or something like that LOL. Papa Knowles is teaching the class at Houston Community College because that is where he attended school and gained some of the knowledge that helped him catapult Destiny’s Child/Beyoncé to superstardom.

The course is $295, so ladies and gentlemen get your coins together and take plenty of notes class is in session!

Whut say you?


Whut, say you?