Trey Songz Launches Publishing Company & He Wants You!



Who knew Trey Songz had been in the music industry for 10 years, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but time does fly. After 10 years of being in the music industry one gains a great amount of knowledge and Tremaine has decided to take this wisdom and pass it on to other budding singers, songwriters, and producers. He has started a publishing company called Tucker Songz Publishing, this according to Billboard Magazine. Trey had this to say about the new venture:

“As I grew as an artist, I had the opportunity to work with several well known producers and writers,” Songz said in a statement. “I recognize that not everyone has access to that, but that they still have raw talent that can be harnessed into greatness. That’s exactly what I intend to do with this new publishing company.”

Now anyone with half a brain knows that publishing is where the money is! All that talk about Michael Jackson being broke HOGWASH! He owned the publishing for the Beetles whole musical catalog(he essentially owned white people lol). He could never be broke. How do you think Kandi sustains herself outside of all her other business ventures PUBLISHING!

So all you budding stars and Treyz Angels send your stuff in because Trey wants you to “Make It” But make sure you read that contract and work out that split sheet IN THE BEGINNING!

Whut say you?

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2 thoughts on “Trey Songz Launches Publishing Company & He Wants You!

  • August 28, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    What horrible writing. “Owned white people.” I’ll write for you guys.


Whut, say you?