[LISTEN]Hot Ni**a(Remix)-Remy Ma



GOTDAMMIT Reminisce!

Remy didn’t miss a beat while she was in jail, it’s like she was never gone. Rem has been GETTING TO THE MONEY since she touched down. Welp! folks Remy has hopped on Bobby Shmurda’s Hot Ni**a, and when I tell y’all she murdered this track! I f*cks with Remy! with line like:

“I’on mess wit fake b*tches, kick them wh*res out!”

Remy is not playing with you rap b*tchs. Hats off to Remy and her team she walked into 2014 like she never left. Hair on point, fashion on trend, and her bars are not the f*cked with! Look out Onika!

Listen to Remy destroy this song!

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