[Review] JHud-Jennifer Hudson


So…J Hud dropped her new album today!

When I first heard the description that Jennifer gave for the album I wasn’t sold. I think she said something like 70’s influenced or something like that. Hell I can’t remember the exact wording, but I wasn’t HERE for it! After hearing I Can’t Describe, which features T.I. and Walk It Out featuring Timbaland, I was interested tho. Then something went left for me when she performed It’s Your World on the EBT BET Awards, which gave me a Donna Summers feel. I wasn’t HERE for it! But I must say after hearing the addition of R. Kelly on the full track the song isn’t as bad as first thought.

This album sounds like Jennifer is still trying to find a sound that works for her, and I guess trial and error is the best way to figure that out. The album features 10 songs. Out of those 10 songs, I like 5. Not bad Jennifer! The opening track Dangerous  had to grow on me, but after listening to it in the car(y’all know that’s the best place to listen to music) this up-tempo song grew on me. I found myself singing along with this song. Of course Walk It Out and I Can’t Describe are favorites of mine from  the album, but those are on the radio. When I listen to an album I want to get to the songs that probably won’t get much airplay, but still are great songs. Bring Back The Music which features the Hudsonettes(They ain’t no Mama’s tho) is one of those song that probably won’t get played on the radio, but this song is awesome. It takes me back to a time when songs were lyrical and you could get lost in the instrumentation. Jennifer’s is sangin her face off on this song, and I am HERE for it!

Now your probably going to need tissues or a closet to go in after you listen to Moan, this song  is Jennifer’s ode to her deceased mother. She almost took me out with this song. This song is beautiful. The lyrics and Jennifer’s voice sell this song! If you need a good cry, this song will probably help you with that! Think the female version of Sadie by R. Kelly and you’ll understand this song.

I won’t say the album is terrible, but I am not doing back flips either. 5 out of 10 isn’t bad, when many albums these days don’t give you that many likable songs. Jennifer Hudson has a powerhouse voice, but I don’t think she has made her career defining album yet. This album and two previous albums were all over the place and didn’t really fit Jennifer. Sure she has great songs, and I guess that says a lot in the current climate of the music industry, but Jennifer is better than that! I personally think that if Jennifer got with one producer and locked herself in a studio, the result would be a masterpiece. What producer? I don’t know, but there is someone out there that can take her to next level. Jennifer hasn’t realized her full potential where music is concerned. The album is worthy of a listen.  As always form your own opinion about music and in general.

Final Rating 3/5

Whut say you?

2 thoughts on “[Review] JHud-Jennifer Hudson

  • September 23, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    I agree with the review; and I know just the producer to stir up a right spirit in Jennifer to really pull the definitive work out of her soul….Tank! He is awesome when writing and producing for true R&B heads. So, back to JHud. When I heard “Moan”, I too was almost on the floor instantly. That song goes there instrumentally without a single lyric even being recorded on the track. My favorite is “I Can’t Describe”. Of course this song tested well with executives because it is reminiscent of Chaka Khan. No surprises there as to it being approved as a single. I feel about this album a little better than I did about The Elusive Chanteuse. On the suck scale, as Max from Living Single stated, it sucks minus one. Mariah sucked plus eight. Meanwhile, back to Breezy. His album did not disappoint.

    • September 23, 2014 at 9:40 pm

      Couldn’t have said it better! Breezy’s album is awesome! Check out the review


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