[RECAP] Scandal Season 4 Episode 1


So…last night was TGIT AKA “Shonda Rhines Snatched Edges” television night. Shonda you are a force to be reckoned with when you have not one, not two, but three television shows dominating prime time network television. That is black excellence! I love you Shonda Rhimes

So…O. Pope and associates were back on their bullshit on the season 4 premiere of Scandal. Now if you remember where we left off last season O. Popped jetted off to an unknown location with Jake. That’s where we pick up, O. Pope and Jake are on some secluded island in the middle of nowhere. Ordering wine and doing all nothing really. Jake wastes no time disrespecting Liv vagina, they stay doing that, I could have gone without the whole make you moan line. Good and Night!

Anyway, now keep in mind that no ones know where Liv has jetted off to, but mysteriously she get a unidentified letter with a news clipping that Harrison has been found dead(Shonda got is ass smooth the f*ck outta there). So of course O has to jet back to DC to “plan the funeral” so she says, but plans to go back to island after.

She arrives back in DC and visits her office where we encounter Quinn(yes she still alive, and yes she still gotta die) who has used her Carmen In San Diego sleuthing skills to locate Liv, she sent the letter. Next we are reintroduced to Huck who is working at your local Beat Buy on “The Geek Squad” and his name is Randy. Liv tries to talk to Huck/Randy, but he doesn’t see it for her unless she back stay! So basically he got her ass the f*ck up outta there. Next we catch back up with Abby who is now working in the White House as Press Secretary, and getting no respect( they don’t even know her name like Alicia Keys)

Liv and Abby meet up, and this is where Abby attempts to read Liv for filth about leaving, but O. Pope wasn’t having it at all! She gives Abby the business right back( full contorted face and all) and makes a dramatic exit with her signature walk!

We then meet back up with Cyrus, Fitz, and Millie. Cyrus is still his same ruthless self, but there is a new addition to his family in the form of a terrible ass lace front wig straight from an Instagram boutique. This must go! Fitz is firing people in his cabinet left and right. Millie has come off the rails, which is understandable since she lost a child, couldn’t imagine the pain of this. She is walking around the White House in robe & slippers eating any everything she wants. Also she is not bathing or shaving her box.

We also meet back up with Byron AKA Rowen. Liv and her father have dinner and Liv informs him of the death of Harrison, he’s unaffected, but Liv asks did he have anything to do with it? He says no he didn’t and attempts to show some feeling about the death. Later on back at her apartment Liv and Jake are chilling and the phone rings, now no one is supposed to know Liv is back, but some mysterious lady calls, Liv hangs up and then there is a knock at the(security ain’t sh*t, she needs to move) and guess what? It’s the lady from the phone requesting assistance for some politician who is in a bind. So of course Olivia springs into action. I won’t go in too deep detail about that, but it’s refreshing to see Liv fixing other’s problems again.

Portia de Rossi(Ellen’s boo thang) showed up as well not sure what her role is, but I am sure she will bring the drama. Fitz is informed that Liv is back by Cyrus, of course he want to know when she leaving. Cyrus doesn’t want Fitz and Liv to have anything to do with each other because the White House is running seemingly smooth.

I know I am probably missing something, but you can catch it On Demand or over at Hulu. So we finally get to Harrison’s funeral. Aretha Franklin’s Bridge over troubled water almost did me in! O. Pope and associates all reunite( Next stop Balboa Saving and Loan *Frankie from Set It Off Voice*). It’s a damn shame that Harrison had to die for us to get his back story, he was an orphan with no family. But I ain’t no fool, we didn’t see a body and we didn’t see Harrison get shot. He may pop back up when we least expect(if Queen Shonda sees him getting his shit together) The scene was sad, but I am not convinced we have seen the last of Harrison.

Meanwhile back at White House Millie is drowning her grief in alcohol on the balcony. Fitz joins her and informs her that Liv is back, but he doesn’t plan to see her. Millie is he not HERE for the bullshit after her son’s death and basically says, “What your not going to do is insult my intelligence, when you meet up with her you’ll let me know! That’s the black ass bottom line!” She meant every entire word of that!

Of course Liv is suppose to go back to her secluded island, but y’all knew she wasn’t going nowhere. She decides to represent the Senator’s secretary in bringing charges against the senator who attempted to rape her. Of course we couldn’t fully depart from the Fitz/Olivia saga, they cross paths at the end of the episode, and y’all know it’s only a matter of time before she busts it wide open for him!

All in all I wasn’t wowed by the season premiere. Hopefully Shonda is going to slow walk us to the shock, who knows? Shonda is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants! We’re going to watch!

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?