[REVIEW] Crash & Burn-Traci Braxton


The Braxton sisters were in full effect this pass week! First Tamar dropped her highly anticipated single, Let Me Know, and it was Toni’s burfday, and then Traci Braxton came through and dropped off her debut album. It was a good week for the Braxtons to say the least. What is really astounding is the fact the Traci was able to get an album on shelves so quickly. That in it of itself deserves a round of applause. To some Traci is the weakest vocally, but I haven’t heard Towanda sing solo, so I can’t really say that.

Crash & Burn has 11 tracks and has a guest appearance from fellow Baltimore native Raheem DeVaughn. The first single from the album was Last Call, which I actually liked, I could have done without the overuse of the autotune, but all in all it was a decent first single. The opening track, Holding On, I really was not a fan of, it sounds like Traci is trying to imitate her sister Trina. What About Love?, is a slow ballad, which isn’t half bad, Traci showcases her alto on this track. Stay Sippin, features fellow Baltimore native, Raheem DeVaughn and is another slow track that I enjoyed, Raheem and Traci’s voices mesh well on this song, it was very nice of Raheem to hop on this track with a Traci.

DWLY(Don’t Wanna Lose You)sounds like a recycled version of Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight with different words. I don’t hate the song, but I am not in love with it either. Goodbye, is another slow tempo song that really didn’t grab me. Perfect Time, is a decent song, although I wasn’t really wowed by it vocally or lyrically.  Need It In My Life, I actually really liked, it doesn’t sound like Traci is struggling, like on some of the other songs on the album. I like the tone of her voice on this song. This is one that you could add to your “Sexcellent” playlist.

Passion, fails to do anything for me vocally I really don’t hear any dynamics in Traci’s voice on this one. Reasons, sounds like a song I have heard before, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not terrible, but not one that I would put on repeat either. The closing song on the album is, Crash & Burn, I actually like this ballad. Traci does what she can vocally on this song, I enjoyed the lyrical content of it. I could hear this being played on an ABC drama during a pivotal scene.

As I stated before Traci deserves a round of applause for even getting an album on shelves, Trina has only released singles. I applaud Traci’s efforts on this album, while she struggles on some song, she shines on others. It is 50/50 with this album, meaning it wasn’t all bad, but it wasn’t all good either. With this being Traci debut album, I think she is experimenting with different sounds to figure out what exactly works with her voice. That is a challenge in it of itself, look at Jennifer Hudson, she is on album three and still hasn’t figured out what works for her voice. This album is a decent debut for Traci, but I want to see how this will translate in live performance, that is a the true test. If you’re an R&B fan, I would give this album a listen. I am sure you’ll find something that you like on the album. I am sure the TrayBirds(Traci’s fans) are rejoicing. As I say at the end of all my reviews don’t take my opinion as gospel, everything ain’t for everybody. Form your own opinion about music and in general.

Final Rating 2/5

Whut, say you?