Beyoncé Platinum Edition Available For Pre-Order On Amazon


BeyHive Rejoice!

So apparently Queen Bey was trying to surprises us again with a secret album, but someone in her camp dropped the ball and the plans leaked! Or not! Y’all know Bey is strategic in her every move, but if this leak wasn’t supposed to happen I feel sorry for whomever lost their job over this little slip up!

Anyways I am HERE for most anything Bey related and just in time for the holidays! All I need is On The Run Paris on BluRay/DVD/CD and all will be well in the world. The new album will include 2 new tracks, 10 live performances, 4 new remixes, 2015 mini calendar,2 photobooks, 17 music videos, and 20 songs!

I know what your thinking, “When is she going to sit down?” To that I say when she GOTDAMN feels like. I am HERE for anything Carter related! You’ll deal with it! Looks like another withdrawal from the Carter fund will be in order!

Order HERE

Now this goes without saying for those that frequent the blog, but for newcomers: Slander of The Carters(Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and anyone closely related) will not be tolerated take it to another blog.

Whut say you?

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Whut, say you?