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So…Teyana Taylor finally released her debut album title VII this week. Now I will be first to say that I have always given Teyana shit, because I honestly didn’t know what exactly she was famous for? I remember her from MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, her song Google Me(trust me I did at the time and I got nothing), and having a sickening body. Pass that, it would be nothing for you to hear me sarcastically say or tweet, “What is exactly is this girl famous for?” Welp! This week Teyana made me pay attention with the release of her debut album. Teyana is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music/The Island Def Jam Music Group. The deluxe album has 14 tracks and the regular version 12 tracks. It has guest appearances from Chris Brown, Fabolous, Pusha T, Yo Gotti.

Teyana opens the album with, Outta My League Interlude, where she samples Sade’s classic song, The Sweetest Taboo. Now normally I would scoff at anyone re-doing anything by Sade,but in this instance Teyana is able to pull it off on this smooth interlude, where she sings about feeling like she is outta her league. This was a great opening. Just Different, is another slow and mellow song with an old school feel to it. The production on this song reminds of songs off Mary J. Blige’s classic album My Life. Teyana’s smooth and airy vocals work on this song. Request,is another slow and mellow song that I thoroughly enjoyed, she lets her lover know that she is there to serve, all he has to do is request it. Do Not Disturb featuring Chris Brown is excellent, I must say that when I first listened to it I wasn’t a fan, but that’s probably because I listened to it somewhere other than my car, mistake! This song right here incites an instant hip roll, I can’t be responsible for what happens when this comes on. This has been added to the “Sexcellent” playlist! Chris and Teyana make the sexy drip off this song! If that song wasn’t enough Teyana takes the sexy to another level with, Broken Hearted Girl featuring Fabolous. First and foremost anything with Fabolous I am HERE for, he has to be one of the most underrated rappers EVER! This is another one of those, “I can’t be responsible for what I do when this comes on songs!” The track, lyrics and Teyana voice hypnotizes me! Then you add Fabo on top of that! Then sample Lady T’s Portuguese Love at the end! This was on instant repeat. This is my favorite track off this album hands down! It Could Just Be Love Interlude, is a nice interlude, I didn’t skip it. Put Your Love On, sounds like Jazmine Sullivan’s Need You Bad, the reggae influenced track made want to durty wine. I liked this song. I am thinking Teyana may have Trini roots.

Maybe features Pusha T & Yo Gotti, is one those tracks you can put on and just ride out to. Teyana rides the beat with her vocals and the addition of Pusha T & Yo Gotti just takes this over the top for me! This is another one of my favorites off the album. Dreams, is Teyana’s reponse to Tory Larnez’s song where he paid homage to her. This song is a throwback to Biggie’s Dreams from the classic Ready To Die album. Teyana get’s Harlem on y’all, with the line, ” If you coming nigga, come right, got a couple n*ggas on my line…” That was some G shit right there! Talk yo shit Teyana! This is another favorite of mine. Sorry, is a ballad that Teyana shows her vulnerable side. Teyana shines on this stripped down ballad which is her proclamation that she has moved on from a bad relationship. You can hear the hurt in her voice, but at the same time you can hear that she has moved on. I love this one! On, Business, Teyana takes a page out of Elgin’s AKA Ginuwine’s page with the throwback to Ain’t None Of Your Friends Business. She even spits a few bars on this, I like it! On, In The Air, Teyana lights up a dutch and throws her lover the dueces, she gets Harlem on this as well I am HERE for it! On, Outta My League,  Teyana samples Sade’s The Sweetest Taboo, and questions why this dude would be attracted to a girl like her. Teyana is feels like the dude is outta her league as the title says. I like this song and even don’t mind the use of the great Sade’s song. It Could Just Be Love, was better suited for being an interlude. I don’t hate it, but the interlude gave us just enough.

It is not often that I can make it through a new artist’s debut album without skipping a track. I will say with this album Teyana showed me exactly what she is famous for! She has made me a believer. I guess it is true what they say, “Your not ready until your ready!” It is clear that the ups and downs Teyana has gone through in the music industry and in her love life made for an amazing debut album. I can honestly say that I like each and every track off this album and I could listen to the album without skipping around. Teyana showed and proved on this debut album. Kanye West clearly saw something in this girl, that I didn’t see at first, but I see it now. Teyana you won! This album is most definitely worth a listen. You can put this one and just let it play. As always form your own opinion about music and in general, but go pick this one up!

Final Rating 5/5

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