Should Phaedra Parks Have Gone To Court With Apollo?


Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered last night and honestly it really wasn’t an explosive premiere. The episode did focus heavily on Apollo Nida’s legal troubles. On the episode Phaedra opts not attend court with Apollo for his sentencing. Social media was on fire when this was announced earlier this year and last night was no different. Many people were up in arms because Phaedra decided not to go to court with Apollo. I honestly don’t blame her for not going to court. We the audience are only getting a snap shot of what really happened on this reality(unreality)show. So before we all jump to conclusions call Phay Phay a terrible wife let’s remember this is a snap shot.

Now sure marriage is “to death do us part” but it was clear during last season of RHOA, that both Apollo and Phaedra had checked out of their marriage. If you couldn’t sense the tension you need your eyes checked. So I am confused as to why people are all pissed off because she wasn’t there. As she stated she has two young children to worry about and it’s clear from Apollo’s actions and words after he was sentenced that was the furthest thing from his mind. Now again I know we’re are getting a snap shot of what really happened so there is more to the story, but Apollo was talking crazy during last night’s episode. At one point he called Phaedra “selfish” and she could very well be selfish, but you sir are even more selfish because you made a decision that has irreparably damaged your family. This decision was made purely on you trying to keep up appearances. Which might I add you called Phaedra out for when her “good name” was discussed.

The most disheartening part of the whole episode is the fact that now two young boys will not have their dad during the most important part of their lives when he needs to be there! That’s the sad part. There are so many legal hustles Apollo could have undertaken such personal training, opening a gym, opening a strip club(since he was dropping 5K a night there), fitness books, fitness videos, or club appearances. The list goes on and on. Luke James said it best, “We got options”

How do y’all feel? Would you have gone to court with Apollo or nah? If you would have, why? If your wouldn’t have, why?

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?