Go Fund Angie Stone's Bail and Diamond's Dental Bills

Since everyone is starting GoFundMe’s how about we start a GoFundMe for Angela Stone’s bail. It seems that R&B Diva Angela Stone was arrested for assaulting her daughter Diamond in Dekalb County in Georgia.
According to TMZ, Stone and her daughter got into an altercation,which resulted in Stone striking her daughter in the face with a metal stand and knocking out her front teeth allegedly . Stone is said to have allegedly fled the scene after the incident, but was later arrested.

She was booked on aggravated assault. In addition to Angie’s GoFundMe, we need to start one Diamond’s dental bills because those are very inexpensive! I hope they can work it out I hate to see a family at odds.
Whut say you?
S/N: I am starting a GoFundMe to locate Dame Dash’s tooth as well, if these hood mice can fund trips to the fight in Vegas, why oh why can’t I extend a helping hand to those in need?
Photo Credit: TMZ, AJC

Whut, say you?