Reality TV CliffsNotes: Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce


You already knoooooooooooooooooow! The Queen Diva Big Freedia is back with Season 3 of her hit reality show Big Freedia: Queen of Boucne which airs on the Fuse Network on Wednesdays @11 PM EST. Big Freedia,The Queen Diva, is a pioneer in the New Orleans Bounce music scene. Bounce music been around since the 80’s locally(New Orleans) and underground. I fell in love with this show after the first episode,and have been a faithful watcher for seasons 1&2. My favorite person from the show is Ms. Vera(Freedia’s mother) whom succumbed to cancer at the end of season 2. This season we find Freedia embarking on her Just Be Free Tour, which is her first major tour. This tour is bittersweet because Ms. Vera is not along for the ride. The same bunch of characters from previous seasons are back this season bringing drama, comedy, and twerking.

Episode 1: “Just Be Free”

Freedia and prepare to leave for the “Just Be Free” Tour. Freedia gets even more personal this season, when we meet her boyfriend Devon, whom we weren’t introduced to during previous seasons. The team preps for the tour and also we get to see the first stop on the tour in Shreveport, LA. Where dancer Tootie breaks the window while twerking. Freedia gives a rousing performance to a packed house. All is well until she receives a call/text notifying her that Devon(boyfriend) has been arrested. This sends Freedia into a tailspin.

Episode 2: “Flash’s Dance”

Episode 2 picks up with Freedia reeling from the revelation that her boyfriend has been arrested. Freedia gets her lawyer on the case, and Devon is released on bail. They FaceTime all is well in the Queendom. Flash, one the dancers along on the tour reveals that his birth mother, that he has not seen in a number of years will be at the show. Of course he is excited at the thought of seeing his birth mother after so many years, but unfortunately she decides not to attend the Atlanta show, and Flash has to deal with this rejection. This was a hard scene to watch, as no one wants to be rejected in general, and especially not by a parent. Flash is able to channel this hurt and rejection into an amazing performance during the show. Next stop on the tour is Washington DC.

This season of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is already off to good start. I look forward to future episode as Freedia shares Bounce music with the world. If haven’t already watched season 1&2, check out full episodes On Demand and also on Checked back for my recap of episode 3.

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?